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"The" Pink Cupcake Rainboots

If you're a regular reader then you've heard mention of "the" pink cupcake boots.  They were recently mentioned in an article about my camellias.  They are pretty handy and I regularly slip them on with my PJ's when I go outside to capture some flower photographs. I guess this piqued your interest because I received a whole bunch of people asking to see my boots!

I must admit that I never owned any rain boots (i.e. rubber boots, Wellies) until we moved to the beach. With over 60 inches of a rain a year they are a must-have essential.  I picked them up at one of my favorite local stores, Dennis Company, at the end of our first Winter and got a fabulous deal ( I think $15.00). 

I knew that I couldn't be the only one with adorable rain boots so I "had" to look around to see if anyone could top my "cupcakes"...
This gal has her gardening gear all ready...cute, but not quite as adorable as mine (if I do say so myself!)

and these green daisy boots are too adorable....

Okay, this gal has me beat in the cute outfit department, for sure!

Talk about adorable! I'm not sure what this little one is looking for, but she sure is cute.

 ...she's ALMOST as adorable as these!!

Oh, wait!! These might be even MORE adorable...

Oh, goodness can there be THIS many rain boots?  Do I spy any cupcakes....nope!

I must admit that polka dots are pretty swell... is Red!

...but Pink is definitely the most fun color of them all!

Well, I've looked high and lo and there are no pink cupcake boots to be found . . .

....except for in my closet! I guess since I made you look at ALL of these other rain boots that I better show you the infamous Pink Cupcake Boots!

Drum roll please....

...aren't they cute? I love you guys, but I'm not showing you my butterfly PJ's that I wear with these...don't even ask! LOL!

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  1. Hi there - we call these "Wellies" in New England --- bottom line is, they help make rainy days not seem so bad (and gardening a lot more fun!)

    Happy Weekend!

    Linda Lan

  2. amazing collection there! especially like the rainboot garden idea!
    cheryl x

  3. So glad you posted these! I loved the suspense as I scrolled through all the other pics! Yours are definitely super cute!

  4. Yep yours are the best....have a great weekend,
    Michelle xoxo

  5. i do love me some cutesy rain boots...and you showed off some glorious ones...thanks for sharing at fridays unfolded!

    stuff and nonsense

  6. Fabulous! Long before the patterned gumboots came out one of our Islands here - Salt Spring Island - was famous for hand painted gumboots. Each was as unique as their artist, so cool! Now we have so many to pick from and I always have a funky pair too, for the garden!

  7. Hi Sally! Oh, those boots are so cute! I would love a pair.Thank you so much for popping in to see me and becoming a follower of my blog! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Those are precious. I have two pairs of wellies... one for spring and one for fall.
    But I Love, Love those bright colors. Maybe one more pair~~
    Those are friday's favorites for sure :-)

  9. Oh, I want a pair. How cute are those?!! You don't even need an excuse of rain to wear them. Fun!
    Love the photo of the little girl looking in the boots. Great post!
    Hope you have a nice Mother's Day weeekend!

  10. Your's are by far the CUTEST! But, I must say, I'm really disappointed you didn't show us the full picture with you in your butterfly jammies! I can just imagine what your neighbors must think, lol.

  11. I don't have a pair but these all make me wish I did! I was thinking of picking up some kid ones on clearance and then planting them in my garden.

  12. Aw, no PJ's? You had the chance for an up close and personal post and you left out the "dirt". Just kidding, I wouldn't show me in my PJ's either. Your boots are cute, but I gotta admit I love those daisy ones. Might be because green is my favorite color though!

    I love the idea of rainboots, but I don't own any. I have very hard to fit wide feet, so I've never bothered trying any of the cute ones I see at the stores. Thanks so much for visiting my blog this week.

  13. Some of these rain boots are so cute!! Love them. And the pink cupcake ones are the best!! :) So pretty! I wished I could get a pair but not practical in south florida.

  14. ohh yes, they are beyond cute! I don't own a pair of rainboots, yet!

  15. What a wonderful and clever post! I don't think we get quite as much rain as you do, but we get a lot....I don't mind! I am a rainy day gal! Now I am going to have to go chasing after some of those darling "cupcakes."

    Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Mothers Day!

  16. Hi Marie and Liz, I just stopped by to tell you that I featured your cabinet makeover this week on "My Top Ten Fav Picks". Those pink cupcake boots are the cutest and what bargain too! I hope you can share it next week on Masterpiece Monday at Boogieboard Cottage. I hope you have a nice weekend, Mary :O)

  17. Cute as can be and yet I've never owned any type of rain boots! Very nice to meet you thru Pink Saturday. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  18. I LOVE your cupcake rain boots more than any of these, although they are so cute too, but yours for sure take the "cake" :)

    I need rain boots now, and striped socks!!! :)
    Very cute post!!

  19. Oh what fun. Just look at all the colors, I love them!! We get about 4 inches of rain a year in the desert, so sadly, no boots for me.:(
    Happy Pink Saturday and a very Happy Mother's Day, Char

  20. Who knew that rain boots could be so cute! I do love the polka dots but of course nothing compares to your cupcakes, ha!

    Happy Ps,

  21. Those are super cute!! We've lived in NW Washington a year now and it's never occurred to me (having come from the high desert of Eastern OR) how much easier life would be if I had a pair of rain boots!! Guess what I'm going to be ordering here really soon??!!! :)

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  22. Yippee for the "Wellies"!!
    Love them!
    Have a fab weekend!

  23. Perfect post! Way too many to choose from, I think I NEED those red ones with the big flowers on the side. Hmmm.....

    Have a wonderful weekend Marie!

  24. Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh, what a fun, fun share today. I loved it. All of the boots are so darn cute. I love the red polka dots, what fun. The little girl peering into the big rainboots just stole my heart. So cute.

    But sweetie, I have to tell you, if you had bought a pair of those pink cupcakes in each size and posted them, you could have made a killing off them. We would have all be running for a pair. I would love a pair just for watering in the gardens. I am constantly ruining my sandals. What fun those are. You had the best of the best sweetie.

    Thank you so much for sharing today. I love to stop by Sally Lee by the Sea. Many hugs sweetie and so much love, Sherry

  25. Hi Sally! I positively adore your pink cupcake boots! They are simply adorable! There's quite a few cute ones here...I personally am partial to polka dots...mine are black and white polka dots with pink trim!

  26. LOVE your cupcake boots! Have a great weekend:@)

  27. Those cupcake boots are the best but all of them are pretty darn cool!

    Pink Sparkles,
    Stephanie ♥

  28. Cute boots! Have a wonderful Pink Saturday and Mothers day.
    Hugs, Ann

  29. Your boots are absolutely darling! They put my black mucking boots to shame! :-) Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday~

  30. love this many cute boots~ makes me want to go boot shopping! oxox, tracie

  31. Hi Marie and Liz, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your cupcake boots on Masterpiece Monday, and let you know that I featured you on "My Top Ten Fav Picks" this week at Boogieboard Cottage. Have a nice weekend, Mary :O)


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