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Incorporating Vintage Doors into a Beach Cottage Design

My first old chippy door photo 2010

I've got a "thing" for old doors ~ they hold a certain mystery to me. I often wonder where each has lead in its lifetime.  Were they part of a rich family's manor or a poor farmer's porch...hmmmm?  They are each rich with history and sometimes they are so absurdly unique that I wish they could speak and tell the tales which I know they have.

When did this obsession (oops, I mean "thing") begin?  Not too long ago actually.  In December we visited North Head Lighthouse and while strolling back to the car we passed some old buildings which now house a little gift shop and storage.  Each exterior is painted in white with lovely chippy blue paint for the trim.  I insisted we stop so that I could capture a few shots of the chippy old door (and a few windows too) which was met with rolling eyes, however I stayed put in the rain and wind to get the photos. Yep, that's when it really kicked in.  My imagination went on overload making up stories of the people who had come and gone from the lighthouse grounds...any ways...

Besides being charming to look at, old vintage doors can be fabulous to add to your beach cottage design. If you like a shabby cottage style then chippy paint is your friend but a beautifully sanded and high gloss painted vintage door can fit into a more modern beach cottage very well. We've found lots of inspiration for you to look at today so let's get started!!

Love the colors & styles of these old doors...

Source: via Wendy on Pinterest

Mg Rhoades ~ 2010

Why not welcome guests to your cottage with an old wood screen door or a door hung on the wall to create a simple piece of wall art.  We've all seen headboards made out of them; however how about potting benches, coffee tables, bookcases or chalkboards for your office?


Simply lean them up against a wall...

or actually hang them on the wall...

use them as a screen...

Vintage doors are perfect for incorporating into craft projects too...

Of course, Vintage Doors are perfect to transform into interior furniture pieces for your beach cottage too...


Coffee Table

Office Desk

Hall Tree & Bench

and the ever-popular headboard!

...Maria's headboard from Dreamy Whites is a classic headboard design!

Don't forget about using Vintage Doors for your outdoor areas too!

A garden gate

or a Potting Bench...

...a charming outdoor patio accent piece

...and is there anything more charming that Gwyneth Paltrow's chair swing made from an old door?

Source: None via Sally Lee by the Sea on Pinterest

Why not paint your beach cottage door with flowers or a fun color??

I've got a thing for Vintage Door Knobs too...but that can wait for another day! :O)

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  1. Wow! So much inspiration in one post! I loved the chalkboard doors & door headboards!

  2. LOVE them all! Great inspiration...

  3. Fabulous!! I've been wanted a door to display here in our little home... those are simply fabulous! My favorite was the screened green door. Love it!!

  4. Oh, how I love old doors. They are like art! The old chippy paint, panels and hardware. Be still my heart :)I use one in my booth with hooks on it and hang baskets from it. I've never seen one used as a chalkboard turned horizontal. How cool is that? Great inspirational photos and post, Marie!

    Have a fabulous weekend! :D

  5. So many interesting ways to use a door! I would at least like to paint mine a COLOR! And I love the one painted turquoise with flowers leaned against the wall in the room! Very pretty! ♥

  6. Wow! So inspirational. i really liked the door with the panes out and things hanging in it. Lots of other ones too and I always like it if it's pink. I'm ready to redo some rooms this summer and this gives me some great ideas.
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  7. I share your passion for old doors! You've shown some beautiful examples. The more peeling paint, the better. I have one in my bedroom. I hung my French message board on it. I've never thought of using one for a chalkboard. I painted a Christmas scene on an antique cabinet door last year. It was perfect on my fireplace mantle. I still have a collection of doors in my basement, just waiting to be pressed into service. I had to smile when you talked about your family rolling their eyes at your photography exploits. My family seems to have the same reaction! Have a wonderful weekend! Terri

  8. Oh.My.Goodness! My hubby is going to wish I never visited today! What a treat. Thank you! Happy pink saturday!

  9. What an incredible post. I too, love old doors, knobs, banging screen doors. They all tell a story in their own right. Happy Pink Saturday.
    hugs ~lynne~

  10. What a beautiful post Marie! I love old chippy doors and I am a dreamer like you. :) I wonder who was behind those doors, who came and went and the secrets they must hold.
    There are just so many wonderful things that you can do with them, I love all your inspiration photos! Love the swing, that is too cute.
    Have a beautiful weekend my beautiful friend. :)

  11. Wow, I'm luvin those doors. While traveling, I make photos of doors. Great post and photographs. I love the seaside and cottages! I'll visit often.....
    Thanks for stopping by to say hello. I'm your newest follower and I'll get your post from the subscribed feed.
    Hope your weekend is great.

    The French Hutch

  12. Marie I love the bright and wonderful colors on those old doors! And Ohhhhhhhh the rusty hinges and knobs! It's funny because just today, only a few hours ago, I brought a paned window door, no glass, and my husband was a little annoyed asking me what on earth I'm going to do with it. I told him I don't know yet ;)
    In this post I sure have been inspired by a few ideas. Thanks so much, tami

  13. What lovely & creative uses for a door, Marie. I do this with vintage window panes/frames but hadn't thought of a door.

    Have a beautiful PINK weekend.
    TTFN ~

    5 day GIVEAWAY, pop over

  14. Gorgeous post! I've been crushing on vintage doors too! Thinking of how I could incorporate them into my decor eventually. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas!

  15. I love old doors, too and you have shared some beauties. They are a piece of art. I took some pictures of big old doors on the front of homes and buildings in Italy. I wish they were in my computer stored so I could share them.

  16. Wow you found so many amazing photos of door ideas! I LOVE the chippy pink headboard and the one with the old roses wallpaper still attached! ;) Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  17. How interesting it would be if we knew what had gone on behind old closed doors.

  18. Thank you so much for stopping by my humble blog I will enjoy getting to know you and checking out your beautiful blog!

  19. I never knew doors could be so interesting or versatile. You have certainly changed my perspective on them...I will now look at them in a whole different light.
    Love all the photos, and thankyou for visiting.

  20. I love old doors and I love old door knobs, too. I have a few that I stick here and there and just love looking at them and wondering about the hands that turned them!
    Thank you for stopping by.....I enjoy your blog so much!

  21. I love chippy creative doors~~even in the garden :)

    I bought a couple old doors to re-sell..for a garden market place... but they look so cute at my house~~~! Eekkk Hard to decide sometimes on what to keep and what to sell :)

    Thanks for the inspirational post,
    Kay Ellen

  22. So many gorgeous doors and so many wonderful ideas! I love the painted, chippy ones best. Thanks for sharing with us. Have a wonderfully pink, beachy saturday!!

  23. Hola Marie, so great to see all these wonderful doors together!! thanks for visiting my blog.
    hugs from Chile

  24. I love the chippiness of that old door. What a great photo!

  25. What a lovely visit. And what intriguing doors! I especially loved the way one door was turned into a towel rack. How adorably creative and such a good addition to a country or beach home decor! Thank you for a lovely time.

  26. What a great gathering of door projects!!! Thank you for that inspirational share....and getting me hooked on Pinterest!! OMG....that's an awesome place! Happy Pink Saturday! dana

  27. Wow, I love old doors too! Our home is nearly 100 years old, and my favorite features are the doors, and the original handles! Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I really appreciate it!


  28. Hey there~ LOVE all your gorgeous door inspirations! So inspiring! I wanted to let you know I featured your link up from last week at Feathered Nest Friday tonight~hope you will be back to share again soon!

  29. What a great post! I love all the beautiful and versatile looks that so many have come up with for old doors. I'd love to find one myself :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    P.S. I think that first chalkboard is from "a beach cottage".

  30. So much character and beauty...I must do a little hunting for old doors. Thanks so much.

  31. I love them all! Doors have always been my favorite architectural feature - thanks for this great post!

  32. Happy Pink Saturday
    A great post. I will take each door, the door knob and don't forget the cute dog.
    There is nothing more appealing than peeling paint and patinas, doors with a story to tell.

  33. What treasures! So many creative ways to repurpose those doors, it has my mind whirring with ideas. Wonderful post and Happy Pink Saturday!

  34. What fabulous doors! Oh, the stories some of them could tell; each one beautiful in its own way. I love the door swing and the way one was used for displaying pretties. Thanks for sharing and for your visit. HPS.


  35. I just love old doors! What great inspiration here! Thank you for sharing.
    Visiting from Pink saturday.

  36. STUNNING images...every one of them. Great inspiration. Thanks for that!

  37. Oh I love all the old door inspiration!! I have 2 just propped against the wall and using as a headboard in one of the guest rooms till hubby has time to install them upstairs. I love the look!

  38. I love the one with the heart window as well as the one with the old rose neat!

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  39. Wow so many doors. It makes me look at my plain little door and want to paint it up some cool color!!!
    Happy Pink Day

  40. Great collection!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  41. Gorgeous, gorgeous inspiration! So many unique and clever ways to use doors in your decor. Thanks so much for sharing this at Inspiration Friday this week! :-)

  42. My head is spinning! So many beautiful ideas and so many cool photos. I have an uninteresting door in my garage that I was going to toss but now with some paint and a little creativity, I mgiht keep it!

  43. Oh Sweetie...
    Happy Pink Saturday. Oh I love the red one for the outdoor patio, and the blue one, oh darn I love the chalkboard ones, or how about the headboard one. Darn I don't know. You can't throw to much at me at once. I am spinning in circles now just looking and relooking. So much beauty. That painted one with the iris flowers is SO gorgeous as well.

    Oh sweetie, you did great today. I SO enjoyed this visit. I will be browsing back again later. I have to write some of these ideas down. SO darn beautiful.

    Have a glorious Sunday sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  44. What amazing images, I especially love the one with the pink floral wallpaper. Thanks for the inspiration! xo Debra

  45. Awesome ideas! Love the door as a headboard,clock,and chalkboard!

  46. There is so much magic in an old door and so much history. You could stand there and imagine many stories to tell.
    I also have a fastination with vintage cupboard doors. Too much character to pass up. Loved your post, Char

  47. ache-ingly beautiful!

  48. WOW! What a fabulous study in doors! Table doors, garden doors, blackboard doors, towelrack doors... I will NEVER pass up a door left on the curb again!
    Thanks for a lovely post.
    Happy PS on a Monday :)
    Sparkly Hugs,
    Tobi and the Pixies!

  49. Wow, that was a lot of doors! I really love the green screen door by Pretty Petals. The red screen is really a cute idea too. I wish I had more room here for some. If I come across any I would love to use one in the garden.

  50. Love all these beautiful and creative uses for an old door. Great photos and very inspiring! Love it... This is the year to Up-Cycle!
    Sure Fit Slipcovers


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