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{DIY} Coastal Mobile, Windchime & Tree

Are you ready to get your craft on?? 

Thanks to Diane of Home Sweet Homemade, we have a triple shot of Coastal Crafts for your pleasure today!  Diane's blog is about finding beauty in homemade simplicity; which these projects fit into.  

Diane and her partner are extremely artistic and have created several fun, easy and homemade projects which will add beachy simplicity to your home. Enjoy!

PROJECT ONE: Diane recently came home from work to find a pretty mobile created from driftwood and seashells on her back porch - what a lovely surprise from her loved one!  Seashell shards, small blue beads and bead thread create a stunning beautiful Seashell Mobile.  This would be an excellent way to use treasures collected on your last trip to the beach.

PROJECT TWO: Our favorite part of the Seashell Wind Chime design is the originality of using buttons, beads and shell shards with along with full seashells. Using pieces of shells can be extremely artistic and interesting!

PROJECT THREE: Diane and her partner used small sea glass pieces to make a beautiful sea glass tree.  Another simple project that provides exceptionally beautiful decor!

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  1. I LOVE the sea glass tree! So simple but so stunning.


  2. I love the sea glass tree too, I have so much sea glass I should try to make one. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. awesome ideas!!
    all three go into my Florida "to do" file..
    kinda hard to do here in Denver.
    not many shells nor sea glass..
    this high above sea level!
    warmest sandy hugs..
    laughing smiles too..

  4. Thank you for sharing my projects Marie ~ I'm always happy to expand my circle of blog friends and will by dropping by often! my best ~Diane

  5. Hi Marie (and Sally Lee!) - I love the idea of the seashell windchimes...I especially love the first one - a great addition to an outdoor room! Thanks for sharing!

    Linda Lan

  6. All 3 are beautiful. Love the natural aspect of it too.

  7. Love them all!!

  8. These are great - I think I love the seashell mobile the best of all!

  9. Reminds me of the driftwood and shell mobiles that I used to make at the cottage as a young girl. Just might have to make one when I'm there this Summer. Thank you for helping to bring back those memories!

  10. These are great projects!! I have so many shells and drift wood I think that I need to make one soon. Thank you for the posts!!

  11. The sea glass tree is beautiful! A great idea for my deck this summer!!!


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