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Springtime along the Seashore

Springtime at the Beach
What interesting Spring weather we've been having...actually,  everyone seems to be having extreme weather conditions around the globe.

Don't get me wrong, our Washington shoreline is normally very rainy which provides beautiful lush evergreens, grass and huge flowering shrubs; however it's been overly rainy and cool the past six months. I must admit that it's been a bit tough getting motivated to get outside when it's so cool and dreary so I was ecstatic when the sunshine came out last weekend! 

Springtime always holds unique weather actually..hail, wind, sunshine AND rain. Liz and I enjoyed some beach time recently.  Even though it was windy and cool we had the beach to ourselves (one of my all-time favorite things about living here) and had a delightful time breathing in the fresh sea breeze.

Stormy springtime clouds make for picturesque views of the ocean...

Spring clouds at the beach

Oh, here's a ray of sunshine on a dreary day!  Liz's smile always lights up the world (can you tell I'm a bit biased? LOL!)

We were seriously the only ones on the beach that afternoon!

Liz breathing in the fresh air along the beach.
 We both fell in love with this huge tree looked especially pretty with the ocean in the background.

The clouds really came rolling in quickly and looked very ominous...

Ominous clouds at the shore.
...but the clouds broke up a bit and Liz captured this amazing shot on our drive home.

Oh yeah, as mentioned above, the sun came shining brightly last weekend and it was GORGEOUS! 


People were digging for Razor Clams over the weekend...

 ...and we were searching for seashells at the seashore...

As you can see, Springtime along the Washington Coast can change from day to day (or minute by minute) and it's one of the things that makes living at the beach a very special thing. We hope you have a lovely day AND come back tomorrow for our Beach Cottage Kitchen reveal. We're sharing today at A Rosy Note's Photo Feature Friday.

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  1. Oh those clouds are beautiful. I just posted about some Sea Glass Bottle Stoppers, which are a rare find, but I'm with you and Liz, I love looking for shells to add to my collection. The Ocean is full of little take home treasures. tami

  2. Beautiful pictures. Love the dark and moody looking clouds. They make for the best shots.

  3. i Love that photo of Liz breathing in the sea air! Just gorgeous pictures!!

  4. The water can be such a calming force ~ I love the photos!

  5. Such fantastic photos! It's been awhile since my last visit to the coast. This was a good "fix".

  6. These photo's are stunningly beautiful.


  7. Marie, the photos are absolutely gorgeous!! I LOVE being the only one at the beach and that is the only bad thing about summer is I have to share. :) That old tree trunk is gorgeous. My hubby always teases me when we see large drift trees and asks me if I am going to take them home too? Maybe one day I will and surprise him! :) I would love to visit Washington one day, it looks beautiful! So glad that you had a wonderful day with Liz. :)

  8. p.s. I love your new header too! :)

  9. Amazing how the sea and sky are always changing and always so beautiful. These photos are breathtaking!

  10. Nothing like a storm at sea, and when it breaks even better. Lovely shots
    Best Carolyn

  11. Beautiful photos! I love the moodiness of the clouds.

    Thanks for sharing your pretty pictures at my party :)


  12. My gosh how beautiful. Everything is so big there and so is the beach. Your pictures are awesome.
    Greetings from Finland


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