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Lighting for the Beach Cottage

You know how when you start a project it sometimes carries over into other rooms?  Well, the kitchen is coming along nicely (reveal on Wednesday!), however it's attached to the dining room so we "had" to update that room as well. 

This Colonial Revival-styled light fixture (shown at left) has subtle detailing and an understated presence which the hubby and I both loved.  It was definitely a compromise as I wanted some "fancy-schmancy" chandelier originally; however once we sat down and really figured out the uses for the light we came up with this.

What things should you take into consideration when selecting a light fixture for a dining room? Let's look at our thought process!

Questions we asked before selecting a fixture:
  • Is the room a formal or relaxed dining area? Is it an eat-in kitchen area?
  • What do we do in the room?  (For example, do you eat dinners in the room when you have guests over a few times a year? Do you use it every single day for eating meals? Do you use it to work on craft projects? Does your family play games together in the area?)
  • What's the budget?
  • Can we install the light fixture or do we have to hire an electrician?
  • What size fixture should we select?
  • What height should we hang the light?
The answers: 
  • Our room is very relaxed and we wanted to continue a laid back beach cottage feel;
  • We eat at our table every single day;
  • We use the dining table for playing board games on a regular basis as well as crafts from time to time. On occasion we like to have a romantic dinner too!
  • Our budget was $100.00 (this fixture was $86.00);
  • We can install the light fixture without professional assistance;
  • Our dining room table is very large so we needed a large fixture for proper balance;
  • The standard hanging distance over a table is 30" to 36" - we ended up at 32" for our needs.  

We found this beauty at CSN Stores (now sold out and unavailable) and selected it because it fit all of our needs listed above.

I guess I should show you the before dining room light (ugh) goes! Hey, it came with the house...what can I say!?! LOL!

We are very happy with the down light design of our new lighting; which provides ample lighting whether eating breakfast or playing Scrabble (a favorite activity at the beach cottage). 

I particularly love the brushed nickel finish and the "industrial" style which just feels right in the beach cottage.  

The hubby remembered that he had a dimmer switch out in the garage so installed it onto the light switch.  We now have romantic lighting as well as game playing light - it's awesome!  Dimmer switches are relatively easy to install and really add great ambiance to any room.
"Lighting is a key element of interior design that can quickly alter the ambiance of a room." 

As stated above, the KITCHEN REVEAL will be on Wednesday - I'm nervous and hope that you guys like it. We'll be sharing on Masterpiece Monday; Show Off Your Cottage Monday & Metamorphosis Monday Have a great day!

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  1. I like the light that you chose. I am looking for a light in our dining room as well but no luck as of yet. I can't wait to see your kitchen, I know we will love it!
    The only board game that my hubby will play is scrabble, love that game! :)
    Ooh, now we can have margaritas and play scrabble in your beach cottage. :)

  2. Great choice and much better source of light for your family activites!

    :D Lynda

  3. I love Scrabble and I LOVE the light you chose! It was definitely an improvement over the one left by the previous owners, what were they thinking?

    I could really use that light in my work area. Thanks for all your encouragement and sweet words on my Etsy Shop!

    Did someone say margaritas and Scrabble? Count me in!!!!!!

  4. What a great light fixture - I now you love it! Can't believe the former fixture - what???? Linda

  5. Thanks for stopping by Three Pixie Lane! I will love it over here! We spend a good bit of time at the beach, but on the East coast! Charleston, SC! Newest follower, Christie

  6. So much better than the original light. Your new light has all the specifications you described and was a great choice.

  7. I love a brushed nickel finish. This looks great and I love having my light on a dimmer. Makes such a difference!

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog...wanted to stop by and visit you too. I love the light that you picked...the original light needs a new home. lol

    Lucky 7 Design

  9. Love your lighting.. not always an easy thing to get right but that is perfect for a beach look... look forward to the reveal :) x

  10. Gorgeous choice! It's too bad that CSN is sold out.

  11. Nice choice! Can't wait for the kitchen reveal! We are also addicted to Scrabble and it is one of our traditions to play every night at the cottage. {Love the new look on here too}.


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