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I Love to..

Playing on the Beach - Marion Derrett

I love to go to the beach,
I love to play in the sun, 
I love to splash in the water,
I love having fun. 

Hope you have a beautiful day!


  1. Love the nostalgic painting!~ Happy Sunday!

  2. This is so lovely.
    I love to... watch children playing on the beach just like this. So many memories of my own two chidren when they were small

  3. Ahhh....any day at the beach is a good day!

  4. So pretty! I love the colors in that art print. Conjures up some good memories too. I'm ready for a day at the beach! Sounds wonderful.

  5. Love this picture...reminds me great times at the beach with our boys. I look forward to sharing the beach with grandchildren one day....

  6. beautiful picture love the water colours!
    cheryl x


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