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{Cottages} We're Wild About White

It's hard to imagine, but I've always been a person who loved color - colored walls, furniture, art, clothing; however in my middle age I'm growing more and more in love with the beauty of white.  In fact, the last gallon of paint I purchased was white (hmmm...I wonder what I painted with that??).  

As the creator of shabby chic, Rachel Ashwell, states, "Paint a room white, and you have a blank canvas for anything." 

Not only do you have a blank canvas, you gain an immediate simplicity, peacefulness and lightness that brightens the spirit. White decor can easily transition from modern clean lines to chippy & shabby antiques, depending on your preference. I like a little bit of both - balance - I guess you'd call it.  

Many think that white is just white; however there are a multitude of whites! Pure white, vanilla, winter white, off-white, chalk white, blue based white and on and on...

Southern Living shares, "Use warmer shades of white with hints of yellow or brown for the walls, and then go a little darker on the trimwork. This will add visual interest to the room and break up all of that white space.  Keep in mind that the number of windows in the room and, therefore, the more sunlight there is, the brighter the white will look.  In a windowless spot, consider a crisper hue to lighten the area. The best way to make sure you love your choice is to paint a patch of the wall and then live with it for a few days."

So now that you've selected your white paint color, here are some beautiful white inspiration photos to really get your creative juices flowing... 

This beach home was designed to specifically capture the views.  The double hung windows surround three sides of the dining room and are certainly dreamy!

Elle Decor

An assortment of heirloom pieces blend with vintage wannabes.  A gentle white-on-white palette unifies this room from

Bianca of White Living loves the shabby French cottage style featured below...

Many seashells are a lovely hue of white.  Simply display different white shells on plates, trays or jars for an easy  accent.

Country Living

Maria of Dreamy Whites has one of our all-time favorite white bedrooms...EVER! A bedroom that's a mix of shabby chic and glam.

My white tin vase is filled with white blossoms and a favorite feature in our beach cottage living room.

Rachel Ashwell's motto is beauty and comfort. "If you can embrace the lived-in look, white is very practical." Slipcovered furniture, seagrass rugs and laid back ambiance make everyone feel right at home.

Rachel Ashwell Design
My Shabby Streamside Studio shared this divine white living room design; which is simple and elegant.

Decor8 loved this dreamy Coastal chic decor from Dreamy Whites blog. We love it too!

A shabby and chic farmhouse table is simply charming. French Farmhouse 425 has a home full of white treasures.

White beach cottage rooms are fresh and timeless in our opinion...what's your opinion?

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  1. This post scares me. I always loved colour, but now am going white through our home. All along it's the approach to middle age fuelling my love for white. I thought I just had great taste. Beautiful rooms you've chosen for this post.


  2. I think I died and went to heaven!

  3. O thanks for coming by and I so love looking at all your white....yummy, chippy goodness.

  4. Just lovely! These spaces are designed to dream in... Thanks for the collection of great ideas and inspiration.

  5. Everything is so beautiful and it's funny that I can see the individual items in each photo really well even though so much is white.

  6. White is the latest new color. White really is a color. Smile. I am still not a fan but I do admire it even so. It is great fun to dream and fulfill your dream.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  7. i love white...these photos are beautiful! love the rachel ashwell and dreamy whites pics the most.
    cheryl x

  8. my new casita is a white cottage and I love it! I do love color but I use my beach finds to add the color (plus I am renting! :)

  9. I so agree, I love to paint in bright colors but having recently repainted my house in shades of white it is now a restful home that allows good design to show through and colors to shine better

  10. i'm typically drawn to colors, but there is something so striking about the clean and simple elegance of a white room! thanks for stopping by my blog, i'm now a new follower of yours and can't wait to read more!

  11. Thank you for following my blog. I do the same.

    Beautiful photos. I love white and I am planning if we get the chance to renovated our house, I will choose white colour. I enjoyed all your photos. Thank you for sharing.

  12. hehe..white house looks like you're in heaven but it's beautiful.

    Thanks for the visit and comment. Following you here now too.

  13. LOVE all these beautiful spaces!!

  14. These white photos look so crisp and glamorous!


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