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Ambiance of a Cottage Porch

Source: via Sally Lee by the Sea on Pinterest
I've never lived in a house with a porch. Homes with small stoops and decks were had, but no porch.  I yearn to sit in a rocking chair covered by a delightfully decorated porch roof.  Ferns hanging from the rafters and ice tea in my glass while listening to the ocean's roar.

With Spring finally in the air, sitting outside on a covered porch has been on my mind a lot lately.  Even though porches began as a necessity before air conditioning, the thought of living in a beach home with a porch just sounds divine.  Sound good to you?

Who decided we don’t need porches anymore?  New homes seem to build decks in the back yard; but there is something so charming and welcoming in a front porch.  I love my front porch. It is a great place to just relax with a cool drink and visit with neighbors walking by.  ~ The Old Parsonage

Rockers and hydrangeas on a beautiful cottage there anything more charming?

A screened porch offers the perfect place for family meals during the summer.  Breezes and views add to the enjoyment of the meal. 

A sky blue ceiling and white walls create a superb retreat after a long day...

Dreamy....yep, that's the word for this in our opinion.

An elegant and chic porch with a GORGEOUS water view.

But this is more our personal taste...

Sometimes simple is all you need!

Maybe you prefer a bit more tailored cottage porch?

A sun porch isn't too bad either...

....but this porch with the perfect coastal view is superb!

Pure charm....and aren't those Adirondack chairs with the seagull cut outs cute?

This happens to be one of our favorite porches and it's from our friends, Layla & Kevin, of The Lettered Cottage.

And according to our Twitter friend, Sheila, of S Z Interiors, every porch must have a porch swing...

Yep, a porch swing makes this pretty darn perfect...what do you think?


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  1. hahaha, this is too weird-- i posted about front porches today too and actually found a bunch of the same pictures you posted in my search! and i love that swing in the top picture, so unique! be sure to check out my post about them!

  2. I love the screen door with the leaf cutout. Wonderful photos of porches.

  3. omg!!! I can't pick only one I want!!! maybe the one with the dark wicker furniture!

  4. Agreed, every porch should have a porch swing. They are so charming. It brings back great memories of my childhood and sitting out on the porch with my grandma. She had a very old house with a huge porch. The image from "The Lettered Cottage" and your "personal taste" are my favorites. Swoon!

    Happy Thursday, Marie!

  5. I like all the blue and white! I'm working on getting my house decorated for spring...thanks for the inspiration. :)

  6. Love the photos and, yes! We need more porches - what wonderful gathering places for catching up with neighbors or just relaxing and savoring the day...Thanks for posting!
    I feature your blog on my sites :o)

    Linda Lan
    and (aka bookside beach club)

  7. i love american timber houses i see with porch swings! so dreamy..
    cheryl x

  8. I have a screen porch but no rocker-lol-love the prettiness of your blog-newest follower-Claire

  9. Great Inspiration here. I am trying to convince Mr Beach House that we need a porch make over. I think I'll show him this post.
    Best Carolyn

  10. LOL LOL LOL --along with "Sundresses and Smiles" above--I also put up a post about porches today!! Then I came 'blog visitin' and see you have done the same! Oh well...great minds think alike--right?! Have a great Friday!! PS-I love the photos you put on your post, some gorgeous porches there! I especially love those hanging bed/porch swing things on the last photo! Those are so cool! have only been seeing those the past two years or so in the magazines like Cosstal Living. I could sure take a nap in one of those!!

  11. Um, yes please!! I would take any one of these beautiful porches, preferably the last one but any one will do just fine!! :) We have subdivisions here that are called 'front porch communities' where all of the houses have front porches and their garages are in the back. It is a cute concept and the houses are adorable. I wish we had a front porch, well, we do, it is just a 5 x 3 brick slab and I am hoping that one day we will add on to it and my dream is to have a SWING!!!!! :D

  12. There's something for everyone here. Being in Australia, one of my favourite parts in movies is when they sit out on the front porch preferably in the swing chair. Who cares about the movie lol. We don't see many swing chairs like those where I come from.


  13. Such beautiful inspiration. We get our new house in less than 2 weeks and it has a little front porch and balcony, so I can't wait to try out some of these ideas!

  14. I love this post! The pictures are awesome, and make me SO ready for summer! I have to say, the last one took my breath away... but then the ocean does it every time! :-) And thank you so much for the mention - Wow - that was totally unexpected. What a nice surprise!!! Have a great weekend Marie. xo Sheila

  15. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my place! So glad that I found you! I LOVE porches, too. My screened porch is my spot to dream, plan, cry, laugh, write, and just BE! You have some lovely porches featured here. I am off to savor each and every one.


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