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Adventures in Decorating

Some people just "get" it - some people don't! 

Coastal and Beach Cottage design is about creating a feeling otherwise known as ambiance. Thrifty treasures found; crafts created by you or your child; furniture that you sanded and painted with your own two hands create an emotional response when you view those pieces...they become cherished. 

Becca of Adventures in Decorating truly "gets" it! She recently lightened and brightened her sitting room. She was looking for a Pottery Barn "coastal-style" which we think she created with great success. 

Definition of AMBIANCE: a feeling or mood associated with a particular place, person, or thing

Why does Becca's room work? It was created with love and is filled with ambiance. She repainted; crafted; taped; moved and covered pieces with her own hands.  Her bookcase is full of carefully selected treasures that are special to her.  

The sign she created above the bookcase stating, "Gather", adds a touch which says, "Family" as well as "Comfort". Becca is fearless and added curtains which you wouldn't think of for cottage-style...zebra stripe; but they work beautifully. When you love something, find a way to incorporate it!

The colors chosen for the room are all similar yet not the same; which is so much more interesting!  The tones add texture, warmth and interest to the space.

Becca gave her newly painted bookshelves a nautical feel by adding vintage nautical wallpaper to the back with double stick tape - ingenious and gorgeous.


This beautiful blue chest was moved in from the master bath to pull together the blue from the wallpaper and pillows - what a perfect addition! The lamp was covered with leftover fabric from the curtains.  The addition of branches and moss are the perfect finishing touch.

Please visit Becca to see the BEFORE photo and the rest of her delightful story and pictures. >> Adventures in Decorating

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  1. what a pretty room! thanks so much for coming by- I'm glad you found me! Love your posts, this looks like a very relaxing place to come and get inspiration! :)

  2. Hi dearie! This is gorgeous!!!! She did an amazing job and I love all the textures she has incorporated in the room and that blue dresser is beautiful!
    Have a great day and thank you for sharing! :)

  3. Thank you SO much for featuring my sitting room (you gave me way too much credit) !! I'm truly humbled, flattered and appreciative of your kind words !! Again, thank you SO very much !! *Becca*

  4. she's so talented - just love her style!

  5. Very pretty and I love the turquoise chest.

  6. What a beautiful room. The chest is a beautiful color. Love that she backed the hutch with paper.

  7. Wow - that zebra print actually works really well in this room! And I am normally not a big fan of animal print. I LOVE the colour of that chest as well... and the mirror above it is gorgeous.
    - Andrea

  8. It's a beautiful room, and I absolutely agree, when you love something, you do find a way to incorporate it. Sometimes it requires thinking out of the square and being very creative.


  9. Very inspirational room thanks for sharing

  10. I loved Becca's room the minute I saw it. She did a great job! So charmingly coastal. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love this anything with slipcovers and linen pillows are a go for me!


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