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Sea Life in Pink

PINK! This year's very popular color can even be found under the sea. Sea urchins, anemones, starfish and numerous tropical fish all shine brightly in their beautiful shades of pink.

Enjoy some PINK sea life today and have a lovely weekend!

Pink it´s my new obsession...

Pink it´s not even a question...

Pink it was love at first sight....

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  1. These are so beautiful. Love the shell on the beach.


  2. Nature is so beautiful! A sea of shabby chic :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, yourself!

  3. That is just the prettiest that I have seen. Wow, wouldn't you love to gaze at that scenery every day?
    Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  4. So utterly gorgeous. Such natural beauty. Thanks for coming by today and sharing such a stunning photo.

  5. God's creations are so fascinating and beautiful. What a wonderful photo! Thanks for stopping by Cottage and Creek and becoming a follower. I am delighted to follow you back! Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. Beautiful sea creatures! I am always amazed at how colorful they can be. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos. Happy PS.


  7. I didn't realize there were so many pink fish. Lovely post.

  8. Thanks for reminding me that Mother Nature has every color. Perhaps the original pinkie! Have a happy pink week. I will be following along to help me remember.

  9. How wonderful.. such beauty. Your newest follower

  10. Those creatures are beautiful!! I love pink and even though I don't have much in my home it is such a happy color and looks perfect with the blue of the seas. :)

    I hope you had a great weekend!

  11. Love all the pink...and I am going to love following you, I am new to blogging and in just 3 days am becoming addicted. LOL, feel free to follow me also.

  12. Love PINK, love the ocean love the pics they are great.



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