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{Favorite Find} Starfish Wreath

Is there anything better than starfish to amp up your beach cottage's decor?

Beach Grass Cottage has created this divine starfish wreath which is made entirely of dozens of ivory white finger starfish mixed up in a creatively jumbled way. This starfish wreath is made of all sizes and shapes of white starfish, and it's very textural and cool!

Each starfish wreath is a true masterpiece since each is custom made for you and just like starfish themselves, no two will be alike. Yours will be a custom piece of coastal art that you won't find anywhere else!

The starfish wreath is the perfect size (15"-16")  for a powder room, an entry hall, or anywhere that needs a bit of coastal charm...starfish are loaded with it!!

The base is covered in ivory muslin so it just disappears into the background. I added an easily removable nautical rope bow if you prefer "au natural!"  Very lightweight, no worries about weight with this wreath. Get your custom-made starfish wreath ordered today >> Beach Grass Cottage Starfish Wreath


  1. That is gorgeous but I have sliding doors and no wall space but I bookmarked it to see if there is somewhere to hang one.

  2. Beautiful! I love the rope with pearl detail at the centre!

  3. really, really gorgeous!! wow!

  4. Drága Marie már nagyon sokat voltam itt a blogba és mindig elismeréssel beszéltem róla.Köszönöm a vendéglátást pusziImre

  5. Love this and I love Beach Grass Cottage!! She has so many beautiful things!

  6. I love your sight little cousin! I remember when we where little and I used to come over to visit, you, maybe 4 or 5 years old. You used to say. I love you Micki...And you used to hang with me wherever I went.

  7. Well Micki said anyway!!

  8. wow that is so cool, beautiful in its own natural way

  9. Love it!

    Susan and Bentley


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