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{Coastal Crafts} Beach Towel Bags

I am admittedly not a very good seamstress; however this project looks like a manageable beach craft project.

Since the weather isn't quite right for lounging on the beach yet I thought that these beach towel bags would be a great project to work on to have ready for beautiful Spring days on the shore.

Evidently, with very little alteration, these beach bags can be created. Since I can follow directions and sew straight lines, I'm not too afraid of this adorable beach bag project.

Ready, set, sew!

Martha Stewart never disappoints when it comes to craft projects! She features directions for both an adult >> Adult Beach Towel Bag and child size beach bag >> Child Beach Towel Bag 

Stay organized this summer with your own Handmade Beach Tote!

A slightly different tote which uses a hand towel and bath towel to create an all-in-one beach mat and tote bag >> Beach Towel Tote

Easy to make Beach Tote

How about a sweet little bag? >> Hand Towel Beach Bag

Cute Hand Towel bags for the beach!

Okay, this one isn't a bag or tote, but it's pretty cool! Keep track of your sunscreen, books or shoes by putting them in neat little corner pockets. >> Pocket Beach Towel

Pocket Beach Towel is unique & handy

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  1. These are great, something that I might even be able to do. :)

  2. What a great idea, one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments.

  3. Vikki again (commented on your recipe site too!)... seriously, i LOVE this site; I can't wait till we move back to Nova Scotia! Some of the ads in your sidebar made me think of this NS pewter place I thought you'd like:

    check it out; sweetest little seaside treasures :)

    ps: towel bags are the best; we have ones that turn inside out into backpacks :P haha we're like little kids, me and the man!

  4. A great idea.

    Lisa x

  5. Must make some of these for me and the kids this summer - great idea!

  6. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you did, I'm now following! Love this idea.

  7. Great ideas! Perfect for the beach or the pool.

  8. super cute idea - a must try for another person that can hardly sew LOL!


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