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Australian Beach House's Blue Bedroom

Do you know Carolyn yet? She lives on the Northern beaches of Sydney, Australia (otherwise known as paradise) and has the most dreamy blog called Desire Empire. Her site is full of coastal lifestyle and design articles, so, of course we just LOVE it and know that you will too. Carolyn recently shared her Beach House Blue Bedroom with us coastal decorating nuts and we just "HAD" to share it with you.

While Carolyn shares her fabulous bedroom with you today, we'll be working on our kitchen.  We're making a ton of progress on our kitchen mini-renovation already! Cabinets have been sanded, washed, wiped with tack cloth and a first layer of primer is drying. A little side-note to anyone thinking about doing any kind of kitchen rehab - - make sure you keep out some dishes, silverware etc. and place in a dust-free zone. Don't forget the coffee pot too (priorities, you know!). I'm off to work on making a stainless steel back splash from some salvaged steel we found (should be an interesting project).  

Have a great day and make sure you give Carolyn a visit when you're done looking at her bedroom...

"OK chickadees. I admit it, I am very happy with the way these 'after' shots turned out. But, I am not ready to show you the before shot yet. If it got top billing, I don't think you would stick around for the rest of the post. Here's an "after" photo...

OK, now I feel I can dip my toe in and show you the before shot.

Yes, you guessed it my lovelies. Brown wood. Yucko!! To think I have slept in this room for six years, except for those nights we were playing musical beds, with the Beach House Brats. You never know where you are going to wake up in this house. I knew I had to paint these babies, but they never really stuck out, to me anyway, until I saw them in this photo.

So after several requests, Mr Beach House hauled the tables into the garage for me last weekend and I put the Beach House Brats to work. This is what I call kiddo quality time. They get to make a mess and I get my furniture painted. What synergy!!

It was interesting sharing the only serviceable paint brush, to be found at the Beach House. But we managed and here are the results.  Much lighter and brighter I think.

These are my two fave books at the minute (Coastal Style and Provence Art Architecture Landscape). Coastal and French, sitting on a vintage breakfast tray, picked up at a garage sale, for a song. Oh sweet heaven, my three interior loves, beach, French and vintage.

Espresso coffee and a candle to enhance what's left of the romance, after 11 years of hangin' out with Mr Beach House. Oh how I love Sunday mornings. Beach House Brats squashed in between us, coffee flying everywhere. Oh sweet reality! But sometimes, I can sneak in here for a coffee all alone.

Now for a run down of how I created this look.  Most of the accessories come from that ab fab Swedish Supermarket we all know and love.  Yep IKEA!  It is truly like a supermarket.  You can never find a trolley, at the entrance to the store.  Despite this, I luv that place!

The furniture sets, the arrows on the floor pointing you in the right direction, the endless supply of pre packaged seafood in the cafe.  It is all so familiar and yet, if you leave it three months or so between visits, everything changes.  For me, it's a great day out. My only rule is weekends are to be avoided where possible.

And what about that part they call 'home decoration'?  That bit downstairs, where all the accessories are shelved. Oh my, this is marketing 101 on steroids.  I have never been through that place without picking up at least 5 things I didn't need, but once I happen upon them, they become 'must haves'.

This is where they hide the trolleys as well.  I could do a whole post on that store, but that is for another day.

Now.......... the greenery in this makeover is from IKEA as are the glass bottles, the espresso cups and saucers and the central stripey cushion. The lamp shades, I picked up at the Palm beach markets.  To see my post on that quaint little market and when the next one is on, click here.

The shell wreath and boat in the bottle, are from the local charity shop. The blanket box at the end of the bed, was from Lisa's Junk and Disorderly Garage Sale (click here for that post).

See all the photos at Desire Empire.

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  1. Can't wait to see your kitchen reveal. And the backsplash sounds exciting to do and to have up!

  2. wow - what a lovely bedroom. The striped pillow cover is great as is the breakfast tray!

  3. Carolyn's bedroom is GREAT! thanks for introducing us to her blog and coastal style

  4. This looks great, thanks for sharing, on my way over now:)

  5. HI Gals

    Thanks for featuring me. I really appreciate your support and kindness
    Best wishes

  6. It is beautiful!!! I sure wish we had an IKEA around here somewhere...LOVE that store!!

  7. Thanks for visiting me. I have had such fun looking thru your blog and visiting Desire Empire. Ill be following now. Fiona

  8. I love your color scheme. It's practically how my bedroom is like, as well. The lamps aren't my thing, though.

  9. I love your indoor designs is the most incredible stuff I've ever seen in my whole life!


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