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{Interior Design} Charming Cottage Chalkboards

Chalkboard Masterpiece ~

Chalkboards are more than just a practical place to make a shopping list...they can also be a charming beach cottage decorative piece.

With the variety of chalk paints, in various colors no less, that are readily available there is no reason you can't create your very own chalkboard wall, magnetic board or charming accent.

The chalkboard featured on the left is a perfect example of a romantic and chic piece which adds instant charm to any beach home. Available from (which is a really cool store!).

We've assembled a variety of inspirational ways to incorporate the chalkboard look into your very own beach house...

When Pam of White Ironstone Cottage saw this chalk board in Cottage Living Magazine she fell instantly in love and knew she had to add some chalkboards to her cottage kitchen. We'll take the WHOLE kitchen!! We love the vintage-look and can easily picture ourselves creating many coastal meals here. Do you like it?

A Beach Cottage used chalkboard paint on a vintage suitcase (seen below) plus a wealth of other unique items throughout her cottage last year >> A Beach Cottage Year in Review Chalkboard Paint

Kayla of The Lettered Cottage shared this great chalkboard paint idea; which was originally featured in the
>> Cottage Living Idea House, 2007That is a huge 'To Do' list ~ but we love it!

And how do you like Kayla's springtime mantel from last year? She made the magnetic/chalkboard from old frames. >>Spring Mantel at The Lettered Cottage

Pam decided to grab a small chalkboard and write a favorite saying on it to hang on her cabinet.  So simple - so charming! She also created a fun countertop board too.  >>White Ironstone Cottage  

We had to include this beautiful magnetic chalkboard too. Viva Full House created this from an old outdated mirror! >>Magnetic Chalkboard project. So pretty, don't you agree?

Have you used chalkboard paint in your beach home? 
Do you use chalkboards for decorative accent pieces?

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  1. These are all so cute and would look great in my beachy house - thanks for the ideas.

  2. i love this idea, but as a teacher I am not a fan of chalk, wonder if they make some with a whiteboard instead? sweet idea though.

  3. Great ideas, I love them all and that kitchen? Yes please! :)

  4. I have a can of it sitting here unused. I had plans to use if with an old frame but then used the frame for something else. Now I'm on the search for another large unique frame!

  5. What a wonderful blog for me! I love all of the coastal ideas. I am definitely going to try a few of these at home.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. I am looking forward to perusing all of your past posts.


  6. I love love your follower...delightful going to share on my blog...thanks for visiting me...julie

  7. Cute! Cute! Cute! We saw some great chalkboards this weekend at the Alameda Flea Market...

    Posting on our Facebook Page today!

  8. All of those chalkboards are so lovely! I have a chalkboard in my kitchen and I love it! I actually just gave the frame a new paint job. It went from white to green and I'm very happy with the pop of colour it added!

  9. ok.. my little chalkboard seahorses on tatteredrebel..don't even compare to these beauties!!

  10. Chalkboards are def so cute. love all these pics and ideas. Fiona


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