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{Favorite Coastal Finds} Get Your Beach Bags Packed

Large Messenger Bag in Paradise Cocoa ~

Last time I visited Seattle I noticed an abundance of people all sporting around town while wearing a laptop messenger bag. I think that I really like them!! 

Not a backpack and not a purse - just the perfect combination. Besides filling them with my handy dandy laptop they would be perfect for filling with my beach basics. CSN Stores has asked me to do another review in the near future so maybe a new bag is in the cards!?

During the warmer months I keep a bag filled with all my essential beach items and place it by the back door so that it's ready to throw into the Jeep at a moments notice.  There are certain 'staple' items that always find their way back each year; however it's always fun searching for new things too...

Even though it's January, I'm getting my beach bag ready early (wishful thinking!) and here are some of my favorite things. And no, I'm not being compensated by any of these companies - these are the actual products that I use and am personally recommending them to you...The tunic cover-up is going to be a new purchase for this year - isn't it cute?

Must-Have Items...

Beach Bag Shopping List...

  1. Burt's Beeswax Lip Balm
  2. Bare Minerals Makeup with SPF 15
  3. Flip Flops
  4. BluBlocker© Sun Glasses
  5. Tilley Hat 
  6. A BareSkin© Beach Towel
  7. Canon PowerShot A550 Digital Camera
  8. Banana Boat Ultramist Sunblock Sport Spf 30
  9. Printed Stainless Steel Water Bott
  10. Gauze Cover-Up
What are some of your favorite beach bag must-haves?

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  1. Living in Florida I also include bug spray, a rain poncho, and a shell bag. If I'm not just going for a stroll or to just do some shelling, I also take a beach towel. Since I do a lot of pre-dawn and night shelling, my headlamp is a must have to keep my hands free. I keep all this ready to go in the back of my car, along with my beach chair and my beach cart. BE Prepared — I learned that in the Girl Scouts, lol.

  2. Seashell collection bag is a must in my bag. This is a great list and I love that bag you found.

  3. Definitely a shell bag, more often than not water bottle for dogs, and their collapseable water bowl - they just love drinking salt water. A book or magazine, along with most of the things in you list.

    Lisa x

  4. I need a pretty beach bag! Love your choices! Bare Minerals is so perfect for the beach and summer, one of my favs!

  5. RYQ---I think I pretty much pack exactly the same stuff YOU DO!! LOL Especially the Bare Minerals --my face NEVER SUNBURNS anymore! Oh--and the COASTAL LIVING MAG!!
    love the bag! How do you get to preview the products at that store?

  6. A bag for collecting seashells and possibly an umbrella to tone down the rays. Great products!!

  7. Hello all,

    This laptop messenger bag is looking so stylish and beautiful. This is unique style. Really, i want this type of bag. Thanks for sharing this type of informations.....

    Beach Bags


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