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{Beach Decor} Daisies & a Starfish

Daisies for the beach cottage
As we await the next winter blast out of the Gulf of Alaska, we decided to decorate our beach cottage's dining table for Spring.

Liz and I are both huge lovers of daisies. Liz has loved them since she was a little girl; however I was always a HUGE fan of roses. As we age, we naturally change...roses are showy, fragrant, elegant flowers which represented my life as a business woman living in the city.

Daisies are simple, happy flowers which just speak to my heart as a simple beach bum in her mid-forties. Don't get me wrong, I still love roses (and all flowers for that matter)! Daisies also combine lovingly with seashells.

David and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary last weekend and he actually remembered that I love daisies so brought home a simple bouquet of daisies and carnations (another favorite) as a surprise. Not one to just throw flowers into a vase; I separated them into three vases to make more of a display.

A bit of springtime for our beach cottage's dining table...daisies, crystal, seashells & starfish.

Old glass candle jars made the perfect beach cottage vases and my favorite cobalt blue vase holds the carnations and clippings of camellia branches from our garden.

Daisies are such a friendly flower!

A few of my favorite crystal candle holders reflect the outdoor sun to add glimmer to the dreary winter days.

Our cobalt blue vase sits in a clear dish filled with seashells...

For a charming beach cottage effect...recycle your old jars into vases.

Of course, we had to have some seashells and a starfish to finish off our springtime table display.

Beautiful green leaves from our camellia add height to our display.

Sunshine reflects off our clear glass & crystal accents for a cheerful effect.

A sugar starfish takes center stage!!

Have you added some Spring touches to your beach cottage yet?

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  1. Very nice! I love the seashells and starfish.

  2. So pretty and your husband is very thoughtful. Lucky you!
    x Marnie from 3pickles

  3. I wish I had a beach cottage! I love anything beachy!


  4. Two of my most favorite things...daisies and starfish! Simply beautiful : )

  5. Enjoying the gorgeous camelias here in Northern California. Will have to send you a pic tomorrow. Hoping that the winter blast just goes right by you!

  6. Just lovely - - thanks for the bit of Springtime on an icky day :O)

  7. I love daisies too. I think they look great in those short cylindrical vases. My camellias are almost done. They seem to be falling off the bushes before opening.

  8. pretty nice crystal vases, my wife loves camellias, daisies, carnation and tulips, whenever I can I get some of those flowers and give them to her and she tells me I'm so sweet


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