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{Best of 2011} Beach Cottage Decorating with Vintage Bottles

Vintage Bottles become Flower Vases ~ A Beach Cottage
Best of 2011 continues with our third most popular article of the year. This is probably our  personal all-time favorite post.  Enjoy!

Whether it's Vintage, Found or Used...bottles and jars provide extremely charming decor for your beach home or getaway.

I've loved old bottles for as long as I can recall...probably back to the glass bottles of Coca Cola that I drank as a child (yes, soda pop use to come in glass bottles). A favorite childhood toy of mine was a half drunk bottle of soda that was turned into a musical instrument. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then you are too young to know the joys involved with playing the bottle with your childhood friends.

Any way, old bottles are one of the most versatile of all things around and work PERFECTLY in a beach cottage environment. A vintage glass bottle can be a simple vase for the most lovely of flowers or can be a memory jar filled with sand and seashells as well as a holder for bath salts or bubble bath.  Of course, bottles are simply charming by being grouped together on a shelf.

I love how they reflect light to assist in creating a glow in my cottage...I love that they are old and have a history...I just simply love them! Here are some favorite ideas for incorporating old bottles and jars into your beach cottage decorating.

Vintage bottles, drawing pins and string were turned into hanging vases on a deck by Sarah of A Beach Cottage...Vintage Bottle Flower Vase Project


Why not transform your jam jars and flea market bottles into elegant vases? Simply coat their interiors with glass enamel. Martha Stewart used white enamel in the photo below; which yielded different shades of green. Dishwasher-safe enamel paint is sold in most craft stores. Learn how to create your own: Earth-Friendly Crafts - Martha Stewart Crafts

Country Living featured this photo in their February 2011 edition. I'm in love with the jars; however the article is actually about making the cute little yarn flowers. It looks like a fun little craft to make! Yarn Flower Craft Project

Country Living ~ Kate Mathis

Vintage bottles and mid-19th-century stoneware cold cream and toothpaste pots from England share a cardboard box at May's. 

Country Living

My Sweet Savannah loves decorating with vintage bottles too! She featured these photos displaying handwritten labels on bath salts and such as well as the beautiful roses in glass jars...aren't they charming?

We love, love, LOVE this photo from Eat Drink Chic. The bottles were found and flowers are from her mother's garden...lovely!

Maine Seasons is a wedding designer who scavenged together all these vintage medicine and tincture bottles for one of her weddings this summer. They will be filled with flowers, mixed with tons of votive candles and canning jars of larger flower arrangements.

The most creative award goes to Ruffled Blog. Look how she used small vintage bottles and Manzanita branches to create a gorgeous centerpiece...

Our personal collection of found bottles all have sand, seashells, colored water or seashell toppers on them!

How do you use bottles and jars in your beach home?


  1. I love old bottles and have a small collection. I have made the hanging vases with beaded wire and sold them in a garden shop. I like using them as vases for the small flowers I always seem to have in my garden. Your pictures inspired me to pull them out and come up with some new ideas. Thank you!

  2. Gorgeous! Love them all.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. I love them, they are just gorgeous! I would love to do something like the first image but have no idea where to hang then from! I also love the colored bottles and will have to try that!

    Happy Valentines day!

  4. Thanks for sharing these ideas, there are some really lovely ones I want to try. At the moment, I have some bottles (well jars really - do they count?), on my kitchen window sill waiting for cutting to strike. I also use them for decor.

    Lisa x

  5. I have them on a shelf mantle, in my bathroom with a flower and also I put them in my office on the book shelves. I love vintage bottles with seashells in them and also as a vase for flowers. Great photos!!

  6. As a young girl living in Surrey England our property was bounded by a brook. In that brook and wooden banks behind, my brother and I discovered the largest haul of Victorian and antique bottles, ink pots and lidded marmalade jars like the ones shown above. Apparently 150 years before the parish tip was there!! Empressionista

  7. Ooh...I love old bottles! So pretty...I have always wanted to paint the inside but never seem to get around to it:)

  8. Aqua bottle have starfish resting them...sometimes they are used for flowers.

  9. Beautiful post! Love the eco-friendly re-use of these bottles and jars made newly lovely.

  10. Hello, thank you for visiting my blog and introducing me to yours. I think it is just wonderful! I happily followed back!

  11. They sure look lovely, thank you for the idea.

  12. I was just dropping by to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for visiting my place and your special comments. I look forward to engaging more with you in 2012. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  13. I love these and I have a few old bottles, but some of the really nice shaped wine bottles would be pretty too. Thank you!

  14. Using these old bottles as bathroom fixtures is definitely a great idea. You did a great job on that.

  15. I love Vintage Bottles thanks for sharing about this glass bottles!.....

  16. Great Post. I love vintage bottles especially the aqua colored ones and have been collecting them since the 80's. My husband would find them when excavating streets, now my sons find them the same way! occasionally I will find a few that I am moved to buy. I adore the way they look on shelves, fireplaces, alone, in a vignette and holding flowers or simply wrapped with twine. I even mount some on old driftwood and hand on the wall!

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