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{Travel & Leisure} Koh Kood Tropical Beach Resort

It must be the long cold winter we're experiencing; but we've found ourselves regularly daydreaming of warm sandy beaches in a tropical designation.

One such destination is the Koh Kood Resort; which happens to be one of the best nature resorts on the truly tropical Koh Kood island in Thailand.

Koh Kood is a beach resort with recently upgraded Japanese-styled bungalows. A cozy lounge area, new cocktail bar on the beach, white sandy beaches and crystal clear seas complete the picture.

The island offers lush vegetation plus botanical gardens surround the resort so you will feel like you are staying (nearly) alone in nature.  We love that Koh Kood island has not been overrun by tourists like many of the other islands in Thailand.  It's relatively remote location keeps the resort from being overcrowded.

In the Koh Kood Resort you can enjoy a romantic warm or cold shower under a million stars or get a long massage whenever you feel like it. Kayaking and snorkeling are free of charge for guests.  Bicycles and motorcycles are available to rent plus there is a scuba diving school nearby. The island has virtually no night life, so if you are searching for dancing and parties then this is definitely not the place to go. If you just want to watch the sea breezes then this is the perfect locale!


Live coral right off the shore

Coconut Trees

Bungalows in the resort

Huge starfish!

Friendly Fish

Lush tropical flowers

Fresh fish are ready for grilling

One of the waterfalls

Lounge Area

The island's main waterfall

Massages right on the beach

Romantic bedrooms complete with mosquito netting

Large lounge chairs for enjoying the sun & sea

Tropical bedroom

Rush hour on the Island

New dining room with a view

...and if you aren't ready to fly to Thailand right now - we hope you at least enjoyed the gorgeous photographs of this tropical paradise!

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  1. Wow, what a resort! I love the outdoor dining area...I could sip cocktails there all day after reading a book in that amazing lounge area! I love those types of resorts where there is nothing to do but relax! Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures!

  2. wow - book me a reservation right now! it looks just perfect.

  3. I love the Rush Hour photo! Is this where I say, "Calgon, whisk me away?" I may live in Sunny Florida and we may be the only state that doesn't have snow right now, but it's still too cold to enjoy the beach. Temps in the low 30s every morning this week, warming up to a brisk mid-50s in the afternoon. I'm going through warm sunshine withdrawals.

    Thanks for the complement on my new blog header, still trying to decide if I like it, lol.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. thanks for the tour, I enjoyed it. Have a great weekend.

  5. Looks like an amazing place. I will have to put that on my must visit list someday. Looks incredible.

  6. I wanna go! Will be packing my bags, why don't you fly down here and meet me in the SFO airport, and then we will go find some sun??


  7. Love the pics. Thanks for sharing :)


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