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The Seashell Collection: Beach-Inspired Shell Accents

Her interior design experience and love of the coast proved a perfect combination for Janet Nordlinger to create The Seashell Collection.

"Growing up in California's Newport Beach and living most of my adult life in Santa Monica, I have always had a love for the ocean. After spending many years as an interior designer, I discovered the fulfilling enjoyment of creating home decor with the ocean's gems. I use only high quality materials and flawless sea life and everything is completed with a passion for detail."

With an artist’s eye, Janet is able to turn simple shells into decorator accents and her discriminating taste aids in the selection of stylish and tasteful home décor.

"I was fortunate to begin selling to a home decor boutique in Santa Monica (an Oprah favorite) and now have expanded my collection and sell to shops and designers in Los Angeles and around the country."  Besides being sold in luxury boutiques, The Seashell Collection home décor line of products have been displayed in many Showcase Houses. 


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  1. Those shells are beautiful. What lovely eye candy.

    Lisa x

  2. Love all these seashell ideas!!

  3. LOVE all those shell accents! Some really great ideas!

  4. Even one little starfish can make me smile.
    Friday's Favorites for sure :-)


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