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How to Scent your Beach Cottage!

Blue Garden Room -
You've spent hours upon hour creating the perfect beach cottage look but don't forget that an essential part of creating an inviting cottage is fragrance. 

Scents are extremely important in making your home or weekend retreat evoke a warm and cozy feeling, any time of the year.

Fill the air with sea-inspired fragrances, mist linens or entire rooms with a delicate spray, light an aromatic candle, or set out potpourri.

Whether you incorporate scented candles, sprays or oil burners each fragrance provides a different feeling.

Did you know that personalities play a major role in selecting your cottage's fragrance? It's true! Your home is an extension of you so sensual types will be drawn to floral scents such as Rose and Ylang Ylang, while those who are outgoing and fun will probably prefer citrus-based scents, such as limes, lemons and oranges. Those who suffer stress and are in need of some nurturing usually appreciate earthy, calm scents such as Lavender or Patchouli.

Seashell Pillar Candle Holders - The Seashell Collection

Now that you know what fragrance personality you are, you need to take into account the purpose of each room.  Lavender and Rose fragrances are perfect for your cottage bedroom or bathroom as they will help relax you and induce a peaceful sleep, whereas warm Berry scents are especially suitable for winter, and create a wonderfully welcoming and cozy atmosphere. Your kitchen is the perfect place to use cinnamon, orange, vanilla or bakery scented fragrances.

A wide variety of ways to fragrance your cottage ~ Oddity, Inc. can help!

Dining tables are perfect for unscented candles so that they don't mix with the aroma of your meal.

A beach cottage tablescape complete with "beachy" pillar candles from Cottage in the Making

Once your fragrance is chosen it's time to select a style and color. A large variety of candles are available which boast beautiful "beachy" colors of white, sand, aqua, blue and green. Pillar candles can be plain, decorated or embedded with seashells (one of our favorite looks).

Country Living ~ Beach House with white chairs & seaside hued candles.

Many potpourri's are both decorative and fragrant (they are also very easy to keep freshened with fragrance oil on a regular basis).  There are even seashell potpourris available; which are ready for beach cottage use.

These decorator quality seashells are scented with a light, fresh, clean scent - Caron's Beach House


 There are literally an endless amount of candle holders as well as ways to display your candles...

Sailor's Glass Hurricane - Outer Banks Trading Group

Coastal Living includes numerous candles in their party arrangements.

 Gorgeous Aqua candle ring is perfect for a shabby chic beach cottage - Beach Grass Cottage

Sand covered Votive Candle Holders - Cottage Coastal Store, Inc.

Seashell Embedded Pillar Candle is the perfect beach cottage addition - Caron's Beach House

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