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{Kitchen Design} Beach Mural Backsplashes

Carol Saxe - Lighthouse View
When art and functionality collide, it's a beautiful thing!

We are determined to get working on our kitchen renovation this year so we've been digging through piles of design books, magazines and websites. Still unsure of our backsplash choice we happened to find a company,; which just happens to offer Kitchen Backsplash Tile Murals and Accent Tiles in a wide variety of beach scenes.

The beach artwork is created by fine artists Daniel Pollera, Ron Parker, Sheila Wolk, David Delamare, Jeanette Chupack, Stephanie Marrott, Carol Saxe and Carlos Casamayor.

Mermaids, lighthouses, nautical, fantasy, seashells, seashores and ships are just a small sampling of the beach designs available to you. Each backsplash is custom created for you based on your needs and size.

To be fair, we should mention that also offers a wealth of other mural designs including Tuscany, Country, New Mexico, Wildlife, Chefs and many, many more. Of course, since we're into celebrating the coastal lifestyle we immediately honed in on the beach scenes

Beach House; this mural showcases a charming coastal home atop the sand dunes, rock wall in front. A man walks his dog among the sea grass. Weather beaten slatted fence leads to wind blown blue sea with white foam waves. From the Daniel Pollera Signature Line.

The Gypsy Medina, features a mermaid wearing gold jewelry with long brown hair lying on the sea bottom surrounded by beautifully colored coral and fish. From the David Delamare Signature Line.


 Artist Carol Saxe created this very charming Lighthouse View painting which has been turned into a mural of wall tiles.

One of's newest artists, Carlos Casamayor, offers a beautiful mural called Lighthouse at Sunset.

Jeanette Chupack creates many Key West designs including this Green Turtle mural.



Summer Memories; this mural is a coastal scene. A bicycle lays in-between the sand dunes next to a wood slat fence. Blue ocean view. Sea grass blows in the breeze. From the Daniel Pollera Signature Line of Backsplashes, Tile Murals and Accents.

The Daniel Pollera Signature Line also includes the Woods Hole Lighthouse. This mural shows a lighthouse with a white house, red roof, on top of a grassy hill with bushes, stones and a wooden fence. A bright blue sky and piece of ocean in the distance complete the mural.

Artist, Stephanie Marrott, has created a serene Coastal Collage for use as a backsplash or beach home accent.



Lady Stirling is a coastal scene of a beautiful white sail boat out on the ocean. A strip of beach and trees in the distance with a bright blue sky. From the Daniel Pollera Signature Line of backsplashes.

 Eternity (In Fields of Green) is a dream-like painting created by artist, Sheila Wolk.

Surf on the Rocks backsplash mural is painted by Ron Parker.

Cocktails for Two is a mural showcasing a coastal scene, two Adirondack chairs on the beach, looking out to the sea, two glasses of wine, palm trees, pink towel and puffy white clouds in blue sky. How delightful! From the Daniel Pollera Signature Line of Backsplashes, Tile Murals and Accents.   


So many choices!! We've also thought about creating a tiled backsplash with our own art. Has anyone attempted something like that? 

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  1. I don't think I could ever commit to a mural backsplash! I think they are super cute but just not for me!! I like to change things up too often:)

  2. These are a great idea, especially if you could have your own image, favourite beach holiday or honey moon! Thanks for sharing

  3. Those are just gorgeous!!! It would be hard to choose one....I do like the beach chairs though....

  4. Have never seen so many beautiful choices- I love them all! What a great idea for a kitchen decor!

  5. Love them all, but my favorite is the one with the blue bicycle. My bike is blue and it's found quite often propped by a sand dune when I ride my bike over to the beach.


  6. I love the lighthouse and it would be beautiful as a back splash! There are so many great ideas using tiles! My hubby painted a lighthouse on our wall in the eating area of our kitchen! We love it! ♥


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