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{Interior Design} You can "Count" on this Trend

Numerals are enhancing a variety of home products these days. Numbered goods actually have roots in old-fashioned general store paraphernalia, such as numbered canisters and such. Though not a new idea they are certainly back in style and perfect for adding to your beach cottage.

Country Business Editor, Susan Wagner, recently shared that "the style is part of a larger typographic trend that features not only numbers; but also letters and other symbols."

We love the numbered look and recently stenciled our 'lucky number' 8 on a favorite vintage-style tin pitcher from Ikea.  It holds a place of honor on top of our favorite books about cottages and immediately draws attention from visitors.

The look incorporates so easily into a nautical or beach cottage style that we also added some Vintage Key Plates to our list of recommended products on Open Sky (see below).

We've assembled some inspirational number photos (click on caption below each pic for more info) to get your creative juices flowing . ..

 Photographer: Tria Giovan - Cottage Living Magazine

Decorating with Numbers ~ The Nest

This headboard turned coat rack is an ultra productive piece that lends itself towards art as well - Funky Junk Interiors
We love the "Lettres no. 5" Pillow in this San Fransico Home -

. . . as well as a couple of home decor items that we recommend for adding an instant bit of the "number trend" to your coastal home.

Salvaged Vintage Key Plates available from Sally Lee by the Sea on Opensky

Number 2 Pennant Art Print - Expressionista©

Just remember to be adventurous, branch out, and try using numbers in your next project! 

Funky Junk Interiors
Kristine McKay Designs
The Nest

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  1. I think it is the blak and white graphic that is so appealing.
    Mary Ann

  2. Love that pitcher!

    Susan and Bentley

  3. Love numbers and I need to start incorporating them into my home!!

  4. Love all of the designs posted. Will be on the lookout for numbered things now :)

  5. Loving numbers already after looking at your inspirational photos. Going to start a perpetual calendar project.


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