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{Favorite Coastal Find} Harbor Buoy Bells

Jim & May Davidson live on the craggy Maine Coast. In the small town of Round Pond they, their family & neighbors craft wind bells that echo the distinctive & familiar tones of coastal & harbor bells.

For many years, Jim, like his neighbors, worked as a lobster man. He spent countless hours on the water listening to pounding surf & the constant warning of bell buoys. 

After a time, it occurred to him that others might also enjoy the reassuring sound of bell buoys. He began recording the sounds of bells where he hauled lobster traps, & then eagerly sought other bells in the region. 
These are the sounds that Jim Davidson lived with, trusted and grew to love deeply during his years spent working on and around the water. They are sure to evoke similar feelings in all who hear them. 

Jim Davidson

Each Harbor Buoy Bell includes your choice of wind catcher...19 styles to be exact!

Every bell is designed to hang outdoors year-round, & will not twist, tangle or break. Even hung far from the ocean, their response to a gentle breeze carries pleasant reminders of ocean swells & the constant vigil sounded by coastal & harbor bells.

Listen to samples or invest in a Harbor Buoy Bell today - Available from our friends at >> Cottage Coastal Store 

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  1. very cool, I had not heard of these before. I am off to check the sounds. always learning something new from you Marie, well done!

  2. These are lovely! And they really invoke a coastal mood, don't they?

  3. these are awesome! thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful find with us.

  4. They really are cool!!! Never seen them before!! I could use a dose of Nautical / Coastal Life right about now...we are expecting yet another major winter storm / blizzard. Sigh...


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