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Quality Shells for Christmas, Crafts & Decor!

Even though we live near the Pacific Ocean there are just certain types of seashells which we don't have easy access to.  Having a trusted source like saves a lot of effort when we are looking for various Starfish for our Coastal Christmas....or bulk shells for craft projects.

Our living room seashell bowl - we added little blue finger starfish; 
a sugar starfish & a beautiful jungle starfish.
Starfish are absolutely breathtaking creatures. Sometimes called “sea stars”, dried starfish are often used in starfish crafts, as starfish wedding favors, and even as home decor accessories! is our connection for Sand Dollars, Seashells and Starfish. Based in Palmetto, Florida this quality online business offers a lovely variety of individual shells as well as by the bag for your crafting needs.

A Jungle Starfish becomes part of our Holiday vignette!
We recently received some Starfish samples from this online superstore and we were extremely pleased with the price, quality and care in packaging.  Our sample package included various sizes of  Jungle Starfish; Sugar Starfish; Blue Finger Starfish and, of course, some of the unique White Knobby ones too!

The name “Jungle Starfish” makes you think these unique starfish must be a bit wild looking, correct? Not so! Jungle starfish actually tend to be very consistent in shape, unlike typical starfish where the shape does vary. The arms on jungle starfish are always straight out, and are a light orange color. They’re known for being very durable starfish and are rather thick, decreasing the likelihood that they’ll break.

We just love the look of the Jungle Starfish; which we added to our Christmas Tree!
Sugar starfish are always a favorite! These charming starfish feature small granules on them, resembling the look of sugar. There are both large and small “sugar” granules, with about 90% of each sugar starfish being made up of the smaller granules. They’re often used in weddings, and look even more magnificent with gold or silver glittered sprinkled onto them.

Blue finger starfish are just so stunning! They’re perfect as wedding decorations when you need to insert a bit of “something blue” into your wedding. Commonly called “pencil starfish”, blue finger starfish are indeed blue while living, but do lose some of their color. "We dye them blue again to ensure they feature that beautiful vivid blue color once again."

We had never actually seen White Knobby Starfish before and these beauties each measured from 3" to 4" straight across. They are a pretty rigid starfish and do not break easily so they are great for using in craft projects or as ornaments!

Our Seashell Christmas Tree featuring a White Knobby Starfish from

Just because we've concentrated on Starfish today - don't be fooled!! has a lovely and wide variety of seashells, sand dollars, seashell ornaments and gifts too. We are extremely pleased with the medium-sized Seashell Mix shown below. We requested this mix for crafting purposes during the long winter months ahead. The large 1/2 gallon sized bag of shells retails for only $5.25 - wow is all we've got to say!  Can't wait to get decorating some candle holders and frames in January.

1/2 Gallon Bag on Medium Seashells will be used for next year's crafting needs. has so many different kinds of seashell products that we know you’ll be able to find the perfect shell for your needs. They pride themselves on offering you only the most quality products, and they’ll only send you the starfish, sand dollars and seashells that they would buy themselves. After all, you want your crafts to be top notch, so choose only the most quality products online!  >> SHOP NOW!


  1. I think that Starfish are the friendliest of all the sea creatures. Love the vibrant pictures!

  2. I so want to add some beachy star fish to my Christmas decor! I have a couple funny starfish ornaments on my tree but they are more the kids than mine. I took on pic of it on my blog for WW just for fun.

  3. How magical! I sure love these!

  4. Beautiful!! I am in the process of making my tree topper out of starfish...well.. we'll see..

  5. Love the vibrant pictures! its perfect beachy stuff and looks so cute thanks
    Gift Pakistan

  6. Looks good. I love the sea star bowl. I have to make that next year.


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