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Memories of a Snowy Lighthouse

2008 was the year...our first Christmas living along the shores of the Pacific. We had just moved from the frigid cold and hip deep snow of Eastern Washington to, what we thought was, a warmer climate where snow was a rarity. The Long Beach Peninsula  can be found in the southwest corner of Washington and in comparison to where we came from it was certainly warmer! Warmer, but we still got hit by a bit of a snowstorm that year.

One of my favorite spots in the world is Cape Disappointment State Park so we decided to jump in the Jeep and head down to the North Head Lighthouse.

Liz was "stuck" with us for an extra long Holiday visit because of canceled air flights; but it worked out well as we got to share this wonderful experience with her. 

Walking the snowy trail to the lighthouse was like a "Winter Wonderland" of beachy delight.

Liz and David walking towards the Lighthouse...notice the beautiful blue seas at the end of the trail.

Scenic views towards Oregon were certainly had on this lovely Winter's day...

The Lighthouse looked more majestic than usual against the clear blue sky overhead...

The hubby and I did the "tourist" thing even though we were new residents of the area...

Looking North towards the Long Beach Peninsula...our home.

Driving around Lewis & Clark State Park we stopped to view our other local guiding light...Cape Disappointment Lighthouse; which just happens to be the oldest functioning lighthouse along the West Coast.

Liz bundled up for a photo-op in front of Cape Disappointment Lighthouse.

Upon arriving home we warmed up in front of the fire and enjoyed hot cocoa...what a lovely day!

If you want to visit our neck of the woods then we recommend visiting; which offers every bit of info you may ever want or need.


  1. These have got to be the most beautiful photos of a lighthouse!

  2. What a magnificent day and majestic vista. Thank you for sharing your 'day at the beach. Merry Christmas! Cherry Kay

  3. Beautiful... beautiful!How lucky you are! I would love to visit your neck of the woods in the future. I'm showing the hubster these pictures!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Beautiful pictures!! What a great day and gorgeous views!!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  5. Marie - what a beautiful post! We spent a snowy March (2002?) at Long Beach, and have such wonderful memories of the wind and waves at North Head. Love this!


  6. Visiting Long Beach is on our short list! Appreciate the link you provided! You definitely captured the pristine beauty along our coast! Thank you for sharing!~~Dona

  7. My husband and I grew up on the Long Beach Peninsula or at the "Beach" as it is affectionately called. We still visit in the summer as his brother and mother still live in this beautiful spot. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.


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