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Seashell Art Objects are Conversation Pieces

Shells are collected for their beauty and displayed as art objects. Shells used decoratively become conversation pieces. They remind us of the seashore, recreating a tropical mood of sun, malachite sea, palm trees and lush flowers...

Meet Alla Baksanskaya, an award winning artist working with natural seashells. Alla uses colorful seashells and acrylic paint to create unique three-dimensional works of art. She creates mosaics, collages, figurines and other decorative items.  Each piece of art is unique and a one of a kind item. Alla’s style is modern, from abstract flowers to portraits, from mosaics to acrylic or oil paintings and from diptychs to art collages.

Alla has created some whimsical Holiday pieces which are sure to brighten up any cold winter day. All the seashells used in the Santa below were left natural including the colorful red shells which were found somewhere in the Philippines.

Made as an ornament, this snowman is created from white litorina seashells;  a fragment of Tellina rostrata for his nose, tiny red shells for the mouth, three bottoms – from strawberry tops shells, also pearl Malabar sea shells and False Caribbean Cerith natural color shells.

A modern Santa ornament was decorated with green nerites, gar scales, also with Tellina rostrata, white arc clam shells and central cut pearl pyramid top shells.

An original piece of art that is the most unique Mermaid we've ever seen!  This is an acrylic painting with seashells added for a 3D effect. "The face of the mermaid was made from the central cut of a huge Melon shell. This piece brings a special ocean feel to your home." CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

 To learn much more about Alla and her Seashell Art Objects >> VISIT NOW


  1. Wow - she is really talented...I especially like the first Santa! Thank you, as always, for sharing unique artists and products with us.

  2. That is quite a collection! Art Noveau meets Christmas meets sea shells!

  3. These are such fun!!! Thanks for sharing this great artist with me :)

  4. The last one of the person is so intricate. You can't help but wonder how many hours it took to do.

  5. What a wonderful collection!!! I love all the pieces. What talent and creativity! Santas are my favorite!

  6. That is one creative & very patient gal :-))

  7. Wow, these are great pieces...they are the definition of an oxymoron!

  8. Thank you Marie for posting my work. And also thanks everybody for commenting on it.

  9. Thank you very much for all your great comments. You can find many of the new my art work on and blog. Best regards, Alla.


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