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Pink Saturday: Beach Dreams

Rain boots are my official footwear this day . . . 

My Rain Boots

Oh, how I dream of sandy beaches with pink shells near the bay...

PINK Conch warm enough weather for bare toes all day.

PINK Polka Dots

I long for finding seashells basking in the sun....

she sells sea shells on the sea shore...

and gazing at plants who look like their having fun.

Pink ginger plant
PINK Ginger Plant

Since I'm dreaming, let's throw in a car! A big pink one will certainly do...

La cadillac rose de Miami
PINK Cadillac visit a flock of pelicans that appear a little cuckoo!

48/365 Pink Flamingos

My dreaming is done, but just for today, as the sun sets again on Pink Saturday.

Plage au soleil couchant, Vendée
PINK Sunset

Thank you to all the talented photographers on Flickr. Please click on photos for full info about the photographer.


  1. Happy Pink Saturday...Love those pink rain boots...I would love some for the garden!

    Your pictures are just the shell!

  2. I wish I can pick seashell like yours for my garden seashell mulch. Fun Pink Saturday.

  3. I love all of your pink selections. You are my Pink Saturday mention on my post today. I am really enjoying your blog!

    Happy Pink Saturday,


  4. Ooh la la!!! I was at Sanibel Island last week and your pics transported my back to paradise. Thanks so much for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. It may be only in your dreams, but what a great thing to dream about. I would love to join you in the dreams. Such pretty, warm pinks. I like warmer times.

  6. Great shots. The pink flamingos are hilarious! I wonder if that was a prank. I've heard of people waking up to them in their yard.

  7. Oh I am dreaming right along with you. Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. I love all these dreamy images! And I love your blog! Newest follower. Feel welcome to follow me back!
    Happy PS!

  9. Happy Pink Saturday Marie - hope you have a lovely day. Love your photos, especially the last one.

  10. It is pouring rain here today. I could use some pink rain boots too! Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

  11. Love your photos. Want the boots.
    Hey, I'm having a giveaway! Happy Pink Saturday.

  12. I love all your sweet photos for Pink Saturday. I have almost the same Flamingo's on mine today. Great poem too.

  13. What a fun PS post!! I hope you had a great day....and I wish you a wonderful TGiving!!! dana

  14. And in those boots I too would walk down the sandy shore of Pink Bay. I'd carry my flipflops just in case, I wanted the water to break between my toes as I gathered shells -- this is what pink sounds like to me -- I'd be there with you as a friend, talking of our day as we watched our pink sunset, we waited til dawn hoping for a sunrise just as magnificent -- How Grand! Happy PS and Happy Thanksgiving. Loved taking a stroll with you. Blessings Terri

  15. Such delightful pinks for your sweet post! I love conch shells and have collected quite a few of them. Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. Pink being one of my most favorite colors...I just LOVE this post!!! Happy Pink Saturday my friend!!

  17. Love this post . . . and the pink sunset is gorgeous!

    Thanks for following my blog . . . I'm following you back :-)

    Have an awesome Thanksgiving week . . . Gina


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