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Coastal Christmas Apothecary Jars

Shells, starfish, potpourri, small glass floats, old postcards, photographs, an old finial, fake snow, nick-knacks, old eyeglasses, marbles, old door knobs, small glass floats, tiny Christmas trees, berries, rocks,  nuts, ribbons, buttons, frames, old toys or Christmas ornaments are some of the numerous items which can decorate a jar for your Coastal Christmas.

Beautiful Apothecary Jar collection from My Romantic Home

I've always loved jars whether they be a simple Mason jar or fancy Victorian apothecary. I don't have an official "apothecary" jar...yet! I do have numerous glass vases, jars and such and want to use them to decorate for the holidays this year.  There seem to be an endless amount of ways to use the classic Apothecary Jar and when filled with items for Christmas, they are all the more special. Grouping them together makes even more of a statement.

Pottery Barn© apothecary jar display
The Nester made some beautiful displays last year, as seen below.  Get more great ideas from >> The Nester


Vintage Photos are a great idea for filling your jars with! Living with Lindsay found a selection of vintage photos online, she then printed them on card stock, cut them out, and then tore the edges and creased the image until it looked appropriately worn.  She even assembled the photos into a .pdf file for you to use in your own displays. Find that document HERE.  View all of Lindsay's ideas >> CLICK HERE 

A red & white theme creates a stunning Holiday display and doesn't have to be expensive!  Crafty Designs & Decor used candy canes, solid red and white bows plus striped ornaments. Just because you live in a beach house doesn't mean that everything has to be "beachy" Look at the rest of their ideas here >> Christmas Apothecary Jars 

Chica & Jo spray painted seashells one color and used them as a centerpiece on their dining room table.  "Since they are gold, the look doesn’t hit you in the face as “beachy”. "The shells provide a lot of texture in the jar and the gold matches the table cloth I am currently using." View all their ideas >> Chica & Jo


Do you use glass apothecaries or jars 
to decorate your home for the Holidays?

Antique Christmas Light Bulbs in Apothecary Jar ~ Country Living Magazine

Looking for some Vintage Apothecary Jars? Try Etsy!!


  1. I just discovered your blog via Twitter and I love it. So many great finds!

  2. Oooh, I love all those different things in those jars. I cannot pick a fave!

    I made a PB knockoff Christmas wreath..come check it out.

  3. Yes... I use glass jars and bottle to decorate over the holidays. I LOVE them. Especially the vintage mason jars and the vintage milk bottles! I am have some apothecary jars too - but they are not vintage. I use them for pine cones and such.

  4. I love all these jars - I think I'd like to get a very large apothecary jar for displaying a bunch of my post cards collected from beach vacations throughout the years.

    Great post!

  5. I love the old photographs in the jars! And my Cape May shells may just need a coat of bling. Loved all the jar ideas. I'm becoming a follower to steal, uh...enjoy your ideas.

  6. I love all these ideas! I DO use apothecary jars at the holidays - I have them on my mantle filled with styrofoam balls wrapped in different textured yarns in blues & golds for Hanukkah. You can peek here:

  7. You've inspired me to take another look at some jars I have. Neat ideas!

  8. I love the collection of ideas that you have gathered. I have a few apothecary jars but they look best when you have a large collection like the Nester. Very inspiring! Thank you for linking up to the first ever "Amaze Me Monday" blog party.

  9. I have a jar like the one with the gold shells in it. I love it and used to change it with the seasons. Lately it's shells of course. I have a tall one I fill with sand dollars, shells and pearls.

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