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The Chambered Nautilus

Is there a house that you just love to gawk at in your neighborhood? There are actually several in our coastal town!  I drive by The Chambered Nautilus quite often while doing my weekly errands and I finally stopped and took a few snapshots to share.  The weather was a bit misty so the pictures aren't as clear as I'd like, sorry. I did have some fun by using new textures which are available on Picnik - I think it gives them a vintage look.

The red front door, manicured green lawn and pure white picket fence add the perfect charm to this historic beach home; which just happens to be located a few hundred feet from the town's main beach approach.

I'd love to be able to see what's inside someday! I wonder how they got all their curtains draped exactly the same?!?!

Weathered shingles grace this classic seaside home and its guest house.

Even the home's sign is delightful!

A stained glass blue nautilus shell inset into the front door.

I'm kind of on a nautilus shell kick lately and was thrilled when I found these ornaments from our coastal partner, The Seashell Collection! Aren't they beautiful??

Nautilus Ornaments with Crystals, Set of 2 - VIEW NOW

Pearl Nautilus Ornament - VIEW NOW

(My favorite!) Crystal Studded Nautilus - VIEW NOW

Join us tomorrow for our new "Pink Saturday" post . . .
Have a Great Weekend!!


  1. Oooh, I love that house!! It looks in really good shape for being so old.

    The ornaments are lovely too ;o)

  2. A great house. Does Captain Nemo live there?

  3. The home is so neat..., I live in a Dutch Colonial style as well and I love the house sign.

  4. i live in an apartment but when I do get out, I definitely snap pics of dreamy homes. i also love using piknik for my collages. it's a fun tool. hope you have a great weekend. I really like what you are doing with your blog, it always is a nice place to stop by.

  5. Wow - I love the house. It is so beautiful. And the ornaments too. Love them.


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