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Top 5 Coastal Coffee Tables: Stylish, Odd & Unique

Whether you call them coffee tables, console tables or occasional tables they can be stylish, odd and/or unique. The table can really be a "beachy" accent piece which ties an entire room's theme together. We've collected our Top 5 Coastal Table designs for you....let us know if you love 'em or hate 'em!

#1 - What’s up, dock? The Nautical Rowing Dory Coffee Table

The table features detachable oars – for those REALLY rainy days, 
one assumes – and a fitted glass top that nestles just within the gunwales. 
Available at Everything Nautical.

#2 - The Age of Aquariums

It’s not really a surprise there are aquarium coffee tables…and a TON of different styles!

#3 - Nautical Chart Nesting Tables

The artisan welded, steel base is set with tumbled Botticino Marble. 
Available from our Coastal Partner, Ocean Offerings!

#4 - Driftwood Art Tables

Totally natural gray driftwood with white sea salt deposits is a rare find from the North American shores.

#5 -DIY Idea: Knot Display Coffee Table!

If you want a unique nautical style coffee table, why not put a set of legs on your knot display box?

Honorable Mentions:

Beach Vintage likes to use Trunks as Coffee Tables > LINK
Completely Coastal's article on Glass Display Coffee Tables > LINK
Sally Lee's custom Sand Dollar Coffee Table > LINK

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  1. The coffee tables..., well, all a little bit to over the top for my taste! Fun though!

  2. We have the boat table sans the paddles. It's not from the same company you mentioned. The glass top weighs a ton and since it doesn't sit flush on the sides dust gets into the boat.

  3. Love the driftwood table-doesn't seem too practical though? Also love the boat.

  4. Love the driftwood one the most:)

  5. Seems like the driftwood table is the most popular - Thanks for sharing your comments!

  6. very original!
    sorry, not every thing is practical


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