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Hummingbird Cottage Gardens

I've never considered naming one of our homes, but living at the beach for almost two years has changed my mind ~ While driving through our little seaside village of cottages, which are nestled near the sandy dunes, each has a beloved name attached to them.  Although we live in a manufactured home (aka a mobile home) the need to name our humble abode has been nagging at me for a quite while.  The hubby and I made list after list of cottage names, but nothing could be agreed afternoon he suggested one which we both immediately knew was perfect....Hummingbird Cottage!

Photo Credit: Wild Bird Supplies
Even though the crispness of November filled the air, numerous hummingbirds welcomed us to our new home by the shore. They greeted us each morning at the patio door and watched as we unpacked box after box. They seemed to laugh at us through the office window as we worked on untangling computer cables. We love to watch them play in the back yard, darting in and out of bushes and trees. Our hummingbird friends have really brought us much happiness during our stay here.

Photo taken in the Spring of 2008 - What's our plan? New yellow paint, weathervane, daisies, shutters, picket fence!
Hummingbirds are joyous, colorful, friendly...all the things that I want my "beach cottage" to be.  Though the name plate still needs to be painted and there is much work to be done (everything from painting to fixing broken faucets)... I think of the name "Hummingbird Cottage" and it inspires me in the decor, colors and knick knacks which will grace our home.  Everything within our four walls have happy memories attached to it or inspires me in some way.

Since the inside has many, many things not quite ready for viewing let's start with a little tour of Hummingbird Cottage's coastal gardens. . .

As you arrive at our front gate a seasonal sign (painted by me) welcomes you. (I better get that Autumn sign ready to go!)

Our outdoor mascot, Doug the Gnome, holds a lamp to light your way (we wouldn't want you to get lost!)

Just re-built for strength, however not yet stained - the front deck. The walkway is waiting for rock to be added.  A bistro table and chairs is on the list to add too...

This lovely hydrangea beautifies the entire front deck area. It also provides months and months of fresh flowers for inside!

If you're a family member or regular guest then you visit through the back gate (currently chain link but picket fence is in my dream plan). In case you aren't sure where the sound of the surf is coming from, I made this little beach sign out of a piece of driftwood....

 ...a little float and some chipped seashells were wired on for whimsy...

My favorite tree in the back yard (I'm sorry, I still don't know what kind it is - thinking maybe it's a flowering pear). Here it is in early spring...

...and in late Spring before mowing the lawn....

One of our three birdbaths...our feathered friends love its location; which is hidden under our favorite tree and surrounded by rhododendrons and azaleas...

and, of course, we have to have a "Kitty Crossing" sign for our beloved kitty cat . . .

 Speaking of kitty (Taffy) she is...

We have a variety of perennials which bloom throughout the seasons. . .


First rose of summer

Backyard Hydrangea, which I can see from my bedroom windows...




Lily of the Valley Shrub

Climbing Rose
...and my long time friend, Cherub,  has traveled with me for many, many years . . . he sits atop another birdbath and holds a clam shell.

The back lawn, complete with a few weeds, LOL! The dogs don't seem to mind, so why should I?!?

Of course, we have a pail (actually numerous pails, buckets, boxes etc.) full of beach treasures...floats and various seashells fill this one to the top!

We have a list of things to-do a mile long, however are enjoying all of the beautiful things which Hummingbird Cottage and its garden provides to us each day. What could be finer than hearing the ocean surf morning, noon and night as well as having tall evergreens, tweeting birds and gorgeous flowers all around us!?  Nothing could be finer in our opinion.

Have a beautiful week, friends!


  1. Such lovely flowers. I like the Iris photo with the light showing through it. Where does one find that perfectly faded round pink float? It's too cute.

  2. delightful post from start to finish!!
    Taffy is precious!!
    warm sandy hugs..

  3. Thank you so much for sharing you lovely beach home! How I wish I lived near a beach! Great Post!!

  4. I vote for more lavender and cosmos flowers :) Great post!

  5. Seems you have found the perfect name!!! My future little seaside cottage (in my dreams) will have a name too for sure!!

  6. If our real estate deal goes as planned, we will soon be moving from a tiny vintage cottage to a 1979 double I am kinda thrilled to read that you live in a manufactured home, because I am sure you give hope for making it cottagey. (First, we need to figure out how to make paint stick to the shiny fake dark wood panelling, because sheetrocking the whole thing is beyond our budget!)


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