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Autumn Travel: Captiva Island, FL

My favorite time to go on vacation has always been in Autumn...early October to be exact. I love cooler weather and the lack of crowds. On my list of places to visit someday is Captiva Island, Florida. Captiva Island, FL is listed in's October Beach Travel Guide and it also happens to be the only U.S. beach they recommend. It sounds like the perfect place to us and is definitely getting higher priority on my must-visit wish list.
Sure, it's a tad cooler here in October than, say, in June, but a sweater or light jacket should nullify that. The payoff? Quietude, miles of peaceful beaches, accessible tennis courts, and no waiting at the waterfront restaurants. The entire island measures five miles by about a half-mile, meaning you can kayak the mangroves in the morning, cycle the gentle roads through vibrant vegetation, take a long afternoon nap, and still make sunset cocktail hour on the beach. ~ Travel Expert, John Briley

A flock of Royal Terns on Upper Captiva Island ~ Photographer Debivort

Captiva is the sister island to the much more well-known Sanibel Island. Sitting off the coast of Fort Myers, the barrier islands of Captiva and Sanibel are the very picture of laid-back living. Linked by a bridge at Sanibel's northern point, the islands are renowned for their pristine beaches and abundant seashells. Since half the island is a nature preserve there are numerous hiking trails.

Some Rights Reserved ~ Photograph by Cletch

Some Rights Reserved ~ Photograph by Cletch

The islands provide 15 miles of unspoiled beaches, 22 miles of bike paths, 50 types of fish, 230 types of birds, 250 types of shells and 0 stop lights. Captiva Island is all about the outdoors – biking, sailing, birding and water activities abound! 

Some Rights Reserved ~ Photograph by David Berkowitz
  Sitting in the sand watching the sunset sounds like my kind of activity.

Some Rights Reserved ~ Photograph by RealEstateZebra

If you want to know even more about Captiva, Sanibel and the seashelling which abounds then please visit my blogging friend, Pam, of I Love Shelling. Pam actually LIVES on Sanibel and shares her seashell adventures with readers on a regular basis. 

Pam of I Love Shelling!
 A lifelong artist, Pam was naturally attracted to shell artistry. Her home on Sanibel is beautifully decorated with the seashell treasures she and her husband, Clark, have collected over their years together: gorgeous jars of wenteltraps, sea urchins, flat scallops, an impressive 17-inch horse conch, her prized red tulip, the two junonias (which she begrudgingly admits were both found by Clark), and the notable two- by four-foot mirror frame Pam created using more than 1,000 worm shells she collected over the course of a year.

1,000 worm shells created into art by Pam of I Love Shelling

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  1. Sally-lee..
    beautiful post!!
    would love being there..
    unfortunately,or fortunately..
    my sis arrives this afternoon from Florida..
    to go leaf peeping at the golden Aspens..
    as well as visiting many other Colorado attractions!
    I am so happy I could just dance!!
    warm sandy hugs..

  2. Wow! Sally Lee thank you for so much for your mention of my blog.....and my worm shell mirror. We had a big hurricane (Charley) come through Sanibel/Captiva in 2004 and "he" dug up thousands of those worm shells (my faves) to be able to make such a big mirror. Thanks again- Shellebrate!

  3. Love this post. And the worm shell mirror is fabulous. Pam has a great blog - I love it...and of course - yours too!!


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