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Sailboat Switchplate Covers

A touch of whimsy is the perfect accent for any beach home. Since I recently added some Seaglass Blue walls to our home, I thought it would be fun to add some beachy switch plate covers to incorporate the color here and there. 

I decided to make my own so I dug through some old boxes for postcards or something that I could use and found a pack of 5" x 7"art cards from IKEA which featured watercolor sailboats - PERFECT!  The IKEA art cards were easily turned into beautiful light switch only took me 45 minutes to complete these four ~ here's how I did it. 

Switch Plates photographed while the varnish dried...
  • Measure and cut your artwork to size. 
  • Carefully use your fingernail to separate & pull the backing paper off of the art card/postcard.
  • Using a brush, cover the light switch cover with a thin and even layer of tacky glue.
  • Lay artwork gently onto tacky glue and carefully smooth with fingers.
  • Use an X-acto knife to cut an X in the switch openings, fold paper to back of plate (use a bit of glue to hold paper in its place)
  • A sharpened pencil works perfectly for gently poking through the screw holes.
  • Let dry & then brush with several coats of your favorite interior varnish.
  • Paint the screw heads with a coordinating paint color to blend into design.
  • Install & enjoy!

Get creative by using postcards, pictures from magazines, greeting cards, sheet music or anything your imagination can think of AND the most important thing of all...have FUN!!

Completed project . . .We love the new look!!

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  1. Very, very clever. I especially like the last one. I wonder if I can do the same to mine since they are the larger holes? I may just give it a try.

  2. These came out perfect! You are one talented lady!! Great idea!!

  3. Really beautiful, and it sounds so simple to do! I'm off to look for some postcards or photos!

  4. What a brilliant idea. Thank you for the follow.

  5. Great idea - I have some sepia toned America's Cup cards that might work just perfect. In my spare time... when it's not 103 degrees!


  6. cute idea! what a great way to carry out a theme in a room! so many possibilities! thanks for stopping by cottage romance and becoming a follower! i really appreciate it!

  7. These are lovely. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  8. What a clever idea. I'm thinking of all the possibilities now. I hate those plain old light switch plates. Now I have another project:) Thank you for sharing.
    Wish I could be up in your neck of the woods with the cool weather.

  9. These are beautiful! My parent's have a beach cottage that we all call ours! Love the beach! Will try your idea out very soon! Great way to add that personal touch.


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