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Eclectic & Artsy in Seattle

An eclectic and artsy district of Seattle that is brimming with boutique shops, artist studios, restaurants, pubs, a thriving farmer's market as well as numerous waterfront parks. The best way to describe the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard is a "city within a city". This delightful area retains its Scandinavian flavor with institutions such as the Nordic Heritage Museum.  Ballard is a thriving and diverse neighborhood where many of my family currently reside.

Once I threw on my walking shoes we headed to the Farmer's Market which runs every single Sunday throughout the year whether rain, snow or wind is present. A stop into Tully's Coffee for an iced caramel machiatto was a special treat as was the quick peak into Cupcake Royale's storefront. My brother treated me to a 'baby' cake so that I could experience what all the cupcake fuss was was delish!

Cupcake Royale ~ A must visit while in Seattle! Their website is awesome too!

The Ballard Farmers Market is always full of activity, including every kind of fruit, vegetable or flower that you can think imaginable as well as a wide variety of street performers. This combination results in an explosion of expression that adds to the color and experience of the market.

The local stores set up their wares on the sidewalk for shoppers to enjoy. I just love the table, which was NOT for sale.

Oh, how I wish I still had all the milk glass pieces that my mom had at one time. These were beautiful!

Are these not the most beautiful carrots you've ever seen?

This little guy was having a great time being wheeled around in his Ferrari!

Healthy harvest of organically grown vegetables.

One of the very unique entertainers which perform each weekend.

Once we finished taste testing homemade caramels, butter pecan and fudge we headed back to Bergen Place Park where benches and trees line the open square. The park showcases five sculptures of trees which are mounted on extremely tall cedar posts.  The posts had previously held up an awning in the original park before being re-done in 2004. Artist Jennifer Dixon created five "trees" that comprise the artwork: Fossil Tree, First Tree, Clam Tree, Immigrant Tree, and New Growth Tree. The triangular historical park was dedicated in 1975 by King Herald V and Queen Sonja of Norway to celebrate Ballard’s Norwegian heritage.

New Growth Tree on left; Immigrant Tree on right.

Clam Tree

Clam Tree Close-Up (pretty cool!)

Fossil Tree

First Tree

Lunchtime found us at Snoose Junction Pizzeria, in the heart of Ballard’s “downtown”, which is the winner of multiple awards including Best Pizza, and Best Delivery. Besides classic Pepperoni & Hawaiian versions they offer a wealth of custom and gourmet pizzas too. The surfboard shaped table we ate at was actually made out of an old bowling alley floor! They have incorporated recycled and reclaimed materials throughout the restaurant. Brightly colored artwork and posters give the Pizzeria a truly fun and unique look.

Definitely not everyone's taste; however it sure made me laugh!

Even the soda pop selection is gourmet! Notice the tabletop? bowling alley floors!!

Of course I couldn't leave my beach loving friends without something truly nautical! The Hiram M. Chittenden Locks is part of a 17-acre complex linked to the 8-mile Ship Canal, that connects Puget Sound to Lake Washington. The Locks began operating early in 1916 and are heavily used all year long.

The largest houseboat I'd ever seen! Three stories above water...and the owners were very nice to chat with the gawkers!

Houseboat complete with plants and herbs.

This is my kind of  "dreamboat" ~ isn't it lovely?

 If you ever want a fun day in Seattle then I highly recommend you check out Ballad...the "city within a city!"

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  1. Now I am really homesick.... love love love Cupcake Royale! We like to sit in the window seats drinking a rich, frothy latte, savouring our cupcakes and watching all the people go by on the sidewalk. Madame K's pizza is another "don't miss" the next time you go back - also a quick trip down to Golden Gardens is required. Wonderful beach to walk on with expansive views of the Olympic Peninsula, Mount Rainier, the Olympic Mountains, and boat traffic. Some sea glass too!

  2. Aloha Marie,
    A prolific coastal photo shooter you are! I'm glad to see the Seattle area is getting a summer now!
    mahalo from "the beach"

  3. OOh thanks for the tour!! it looks wonderful!
    I especially love the organic veggies:)

  4. The art trees are amazing! Love the quahogs :-)

  5. Wow!

    I am amazed by all those interesting pictures!
    Interesting to read about the "scandavian area" within the town there and gosh! What an unusual but yet so interesting photo of carrots there:)
    Many stars for this post!

  6. @everythingcoastal ~ ah, yes...I've been to Golden Gardens and it is amazing!

    @matthias ~ I thought you would like the "scandinavian" history of the area.

    Hope everyone has a fabulous & beachy weekend!


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