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Childhood Memories of Bicycles

On my never ending journey of searching for the quaint charm in everything, I've fallen head over heels for bicycles.  My family actually owned a bicycle shop during my youth...they joked about how I literally teethed on nuts and bolts! Life went on and I didn't think much about it, but in recent years bicycles keep making a re-appearance...a beloved Tuscan painting with a blue bicycle sitting in a field; old bicycles used as garden art; beach bikes riding along the shore...

David Masello writes that, "Bicycles were often our first experience of freedom. As kids, when we mastered that moment of finding a balance on two wheels, we were suddenly able to pedal away into neighborhoods beyond our own. All we needed was a strong headlamp, clean reflectors, and a clear-sounding bell." "I think the reason most people buy a vintage bike," says Craig Morrow, owner of Bicycle Heaven, a Pittsburgh-based source for antique and collectible bicycles, "is that they want their old bike back--a way of regaining their youth. Or maybe a vintage bike lets people have the one they couldn't afford as a kid." I definitely agree...

 Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.  

~Albert Einstein

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  1.'re a gal after my own heart! I heart bicycles.......images, just like you've posted, of them in different settings just make me smile! The memories they conjure up of my growing up yrs spent on a double-bike(my girlfriends and I covered every inch of our town on a bicycle built for two!) bring so many smiles to this ol' face!
    Will email you my addy....and a pic of a bicycle that I took a while back that I luv!!

  2. Fabulous post!!! I really enjoyed the movie and have many great memories of my first taste of freedom...and buying my first bike with the money I earned myself!!

  3. Love it:)
    You know I love my beach cruiser!!!!

  4. Yes, I purchased a vintage bike at an auction a Robin Hood it reminded me of my sister's bike when we were kids.


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