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Picnic on the Seashore

It's Picnic Week at Sally Lee by the Sea...We love picnics, and is there anything finer than a picnic basket filled with goodies that are eaten on the seashore? We think not! We'll be sharing some picnic recipes and more later this week, including a CONTEST! If you're not sure about the whole picnic idea then maybe our guest blogger, Teresa Stanisha, can change your mind.

Depending upon how many people you are going to have at your picnic will change the overall preparation time for you. If you are going to have a big group of people, you should gather your things together early. Label them and store in boxes that you label so you will not forget to bring anything. Most people ask others to bring a covered dish and a folding chair to a big picnic. It can make such a difference in the array of food that is offered and also in the comfort of those that will attend the picnic.

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For large groups a great way to keep the kids entertained is to set up a lot of games in the grassy parts of the picnic area. Volleyball, Bocce ball, etc. are great ideas. You should also take a big bucket and put all kinds of things like balls, rackets, water guns and other such toys so that they can play with them at will. This will keep the kids having fun and enjoying themselves all day long and into the night. Always have some music for your big group of people. Have lots of places to dispose of garbage because this will make clean up a lot easier. Get ready to have a great time with your large group of people if you come prepared, that means, first aid kit, bug repellant, changes of clothes and lots of napkins. You are sure to have a great time.

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If you are planning a smaller group of people or even for two people, you will have a lot less work to do. Just make sure that you bring the necessary items in your picnic basket, a blanket, a tablecloth and the food that you will need. When you only have a couple of people at your picnic it is a great idea to have a big duffel bag. Using a big duffel bag will allow you to carry more things at one time and then there are not as many trips to the car. You should also bring a radio to enjoy some music and the usual, camera, binoculars and trash bags. Remember that keeping your picnic bag stocked and in the trunk of your car will allow you to enjoy a picnic at short notice. Just remember to take any of the dirty items out to clean them and make sure the trash is removed too. You will be able to enjoy many different picnics when you do these things. Relaxing is the key, so make it fun and easy. Take the time to just enjoy nature and don't rush.

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Try different places to picnic at so that you don't get sick of going to one place, unless it becomes your favorite and then name it something. A name like "our little beach" will make you remember your picnics with love. Then, you will be going back as often as you can to enjoy another one.
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  1. very nice picnic article - I have a great cookbook to recommend for picnic ideas. I bought it last year on one of my "beach shopping" excursions down here in CA, it's called "Lazy Days, and Beach Blankets". Scrumptious food, some of the recipes are a little complicated, but very good


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