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Dishes create Fun in the Sun!

Dishes...I just love them. I like to mix and match and never use anything too stuffy or fussy. Coastal lifestyle is all about fun, relaxation, kickin' back and having a good time and dishes should reflect this spirit.

When we relocated to the beach we downsized so we got rid of the majority of plates. Most had been well used over the years so they were all donated for someone else to enjoy. We soon discovered that having only enough dishes for two people wasn't going to cut it! We regularly have beach visitors and not enough dishware so we kept our eyes peeled for over a year for another set to join our humble abode.

Over Memorial Day weekend, we went garage saling (as many of you probably recall) and on our very last stop of the day we found a large stack of dishes and bowls with an astounding $5.00 price tag for the set. The only thing missing was the little coffee cups; which we would never use anyways as we like our big coffee mugs! The service for eight even included a large pasta bowl and large serving platter.

They are just perfect for having some "fun in the sun!" We just love them! Now, these dishes certainly aren't everyone's taste; however they are in perfect condition and heavy duty as well as microwave, oven and dishwasher safe plus the colors remind me of sunshine and summer! All of our guests have made comments about how happy and sunny they are. 

I did some investigating about the missing coffee cups and found out that the dishes are from the Royal China© Cavalier Stoneware collection...produced in the 1960s to early 1970's and that each replacement plate ranges from $7.50 to $16.99 a piece online with the mugs averaging $3.50 each.  I guess we got even a better deal than first thought!!

When not enjoying summer meals on our deck I've been re-painting a pair of table lamps.  The original lamps were just fine the way they were, however I'd like to use them in the Master Bedroom; which I'm slowing re-decorating. I'm looking for a more antique-looking monochromatic scheme so I got out the spray paint and gave them a good base coat. I then started antiquing with my acrylic paints and will hopefully get them finished by this weekend. What do you think so far?

Hope you have a happy & beachy Tuesday! Until tomorrow...

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  1. The lamps are looking great! Thanks for helping us have another great Anything Related! ~Bridgette

  2. The lamps look so beachy and the dishes are a steal! I'm going through the same process of looking for things for our little beach place.
    I donate and then replace but it's lots of fun.
    Just became your newest follower. Annette

  3. You got some great bargains!!! I agree...the lamps are looking quite "beachy"!!

  4. Oh my! I love that lamp. You got such great deals, yard sales are my fave!


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