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Time for some Fun in the Sun

Now that Summer has officially arrived, are you looking for a little fun in the sun? Take a break from your hectic schedule and spend a day at the beach where you can rest, relax and energize your spirit. All you need are a few beach essentials that will help you wile away the time lounging under the sun. Half the battle is making sure you have everything you need in your beach bag. Once you pack up your gear, you are ready to enjoy the ocean breezes and sounds of the surf.

If you're like us, you have a large 'beach bag' (or several) that you love to use each summer. We recently found this handmade Sailboat Tote at Lemon Tree Lane's store. This bag has a large inside pocket to hold all of your summer supplies. It's fun, has a vintage feel and is just splendid!

A must-have for trips to the Beach or around town!

While searching for new and adorable beach totes we stumbled upon these Shell Bags by Suzy Q's! These are perfect for kids...or grand kids (oh, heck - we want one!). These mesh bottom shell collecting bags with cotton material on top are perfect for picking up those little treasures on the beach and leaving the sand behind. You can see all the fun things that you have collected.  You get to choose to have the word "Shells", a name or other beachy word embroidered on each bag.  We think they're Fabulous!

Collect seashells in style!

Why not liven up your summer with a personalized beach towel from The Laughing Giraffe?! These towels are much larger than most standard beach towels. They completely cover the length and width of a standard lounge chair!! Each towel is personalized so there's no more having fights over whose towel is whose. These are a Must-Have!!

Large, lush & personalized Beach Towels by The Laughing Giraffe!

Now that you've got your Beach Tote, Shell Collecting Bag and Beach Towel you're just about set to head to the beach. Here's a handy checklist for all those little items that may slip your mind.
Beach Survival Checklist

•___ sunscreen & lip balm(at least 15 SPF)
•___ first aid kit
•___ flip flops
•___ good book
•___ sun hat and sunglasses
•___ beach umbrella
•___ chairs and/or blanket
•___ pail & shovel
•___ Nerf© type ball and/or lightweight nylon Frisbee disc
•___ sand digger and sifter
•___ goggles or masks
•___ plastic jar for collecting shells
•___ life jackets
•___ towels (and extras)
•___ bottled water
•___ snacks (if allowable)
•___ extra clothing and footwear
•___ water/swim shoes
•___ camera
•___ long-sleeved shirt & thin pair of pants. When the sun goes down, the beach tends to cool off considerably.

Important Reminders:

**Leave valuables at home. Sun and sand can wreak havoc on expensive jewelry, clothes and electronics.

**Always wear sunscreen at the beach, reapplying it generously every two to three hours and after swimming.

**Be aware of potential dangers associated with swimming in the ocean. Be sure to discuss water safety with your kids before going.

**Preserving Nature: remember, if you find live snails, crabs, fish, starfish, or other underwater lifeforms, observe them, then put them back. Only take home empty shells, fossilized starfish, and rocks. Enjoy your trip to the beach.

Have a wonderful day at the beach and a great weekend!

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  1. What a wonderful post Sally Lee!!! Lots of good information here...and what a cute tote!!! The towels are very cute too. The shell collecting bags are a really good idea. I picked up a mesh bag like that when we were visiting South Padre Island and I just loved it!

    Have a great Sunday!!

  2. Happy Sunday Bermudabluez!! Glad you liked the post - I love those little shell collecting bags, didn't know anything like that existed. Have a great day, my beachy friend :O)

  3. Your right personalized towels are a great idea.
    By the way the dress you featured last week by Ishkabibbile I wrote asking if a shorter version is available and she actually does offer one that's a little below the knees with an line style and a smaller tropical design. She is going to make one for me. I can't wait.


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