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Neptune's Throne

Don't you just love it when Divine inspiration hits you over the head? Let me explain...

We decided to take the majority of the weekend off and so my writing duties got a bit behind. I'm not complaining, just explaining. The weather was gorgeous on Saturday so we spent the majority of the day catching up on yard work as well as getting some Artichokes, Basil and Cosmos planted. The best part of the day was sitting in the shade of the umbrella while enjoying some refreshing iced green tea and chatting about life. So, to get back to my point, I was having such a great time enjoying life that I ended up with absolutely no inspiration to write a blog post for today. I figured I better at least check Facebook to see what the 'real' world was up to and I had a post from my lovely and talented friend, Kate, of Om Shanti Handcrafts (you really must check out her stuff - she makes natural bath & body products) the post was of an item that she had found on Etsy and she thought of me. I opened the link and WHAM! ...inspired right over the head!

Pink Pelican Designs...I love the name, but what is so special about this business? The company bio states, "Time spent at the beach or otherwise on the water is high on my list. Living on the Gulf coast of Florida allows plenty of opportunity to search for treasures at low tide, share a sunset with friends, roller blade at dawn and kayak the surf to Shell Island for a picnic and some of the best shelling anywhere. The southernmost tip of St. Pete Beach is a village called Pass-A-Grille, a close-knit community of characters and charm. Many of the shells used in my work are collected from the beaches here, on beach walks that yield a jubilee of shells, the variety of which changes with the seasons." Oh goodness, I'm with ya! Sounds heavenly, doesn't it?

"My pleasure is the challenge and inspiration of a vintage piece, an unusual shell or a custom request for a nature-inspired work of art. I frequently incorporate natural stone or glass tile, quirky found objects, beach glass and fun jewelry finds." Okay this profile sounds likes I will LOVE everything and anything that they make. It was time to check out the product page that was forwarded to me.  It was named Neptune's Throne. As soon as I clicked to open the page I almost gasped! It's so gorgeous!!! I love chairs any way, but this is the most unique chair that I've ever laid my eyes on - what do you think?

Neptune's Throne by Pink Pelican Designs

"This vintage Duncan Phyfe shield backed armchair has been transformed into an undersea treasure worthy of King Neptune himself. Coastal fog and silver glazes give the chair its lustre, layers of shells add the dazzle.

A large purple sea fan grounds the back which is lined with strawberry Strombus lips, baby purple clams and pearly Umboniums. The natural sea fan is placed to allow for comfortable seating. Both arms are trimmed in rounded jingle shells and Umbonium, again, comfortable and won't catch on clothing. Clams, pearly jingle, umbonium, white chulas, calico scallops and purple turritella line the sides, back and legs. Finally, a cushy charcoal and cream zebra seat gives the chair a standout punch."

...and the elegance, seashells and class continue with these fabulous Vintage Shell Medallions!

"Add some beachy sparkle to your life with jewelry for your shoes!  These medallions originally decorated some snazzy peep-toe pumps. They also look great on a votive or a vase. You can interchange the locations using the included length of self stick Velcro.  Two pearlized spiral shells are surrounded by dove shells and a string of champagne colored seed pearls."

Okay, I really do love everything that Pink Pelican has listed but as candelabras go, these are truly awesome!

Pair of Grotto Candelabras by Pink Pelican Designs

"Whitewashed and aged terracotta candelabra are drenched with shells, aged shell fragments and barnacles which lend a vintage look to these graceful accessory pieces. Each side is unique and beautiful - please click through the pictures to see every angle.

This pair of elegant candelabra will add a sophisticated look to your dining table, coffee table or mantle."

So I had a great weekend AND found Pink Pelican Designs; which is where you'll find handmade shell art and beachy decor to add a bit of seaside dazzle to your home. What else can I's good.

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  1. Glad you had a lovely weekend and thanks for sharing this find! Absolutely beautiful pieces.

  2. very pretty! took some photos at the Alameda Flea Market - wait until you see!

  3. Love the chair, gorgeous shoes & candle holders but then anything to do with sand/water/sun appeals to me!!!

  4. Dear Sally Lee by Sea,

    By the second sentence of Pink Pelican Designs' bio I was hooked into learning more. The way it was written you get the feeling of a true passion for where the artist lives. The photo of this unbelievable chair on the beach has me wishing once tourists leave to actually haul one to the beach and sit in it to watch the sunrise or sunset. I wonder how to clean it though without damaging the sea fan.

    I think this is the most beautiful example of the weathered and worn meeting the sea that I have ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. That chair is spectacular and the candelabras are stunning. I love to see artists incorporate the shells we find that are not perfect, they piece takes on a personality of its own. Her work is inspirational and now I'm going to surf right over to see more!

  6. That style is really lovely -- artists have been inspired by the sea for centuries. Please stop by and get in on our glass vessel sink giveaway if you haven't already. Jane F.

  7. Pink Pelican DesignsJune 8, 2010 at 8:57 PM

    Thanks so much for featuring my work Sally Lee! I am thrilled to be your Monday inspiration and your lovely post will be mine as I finish preparations for a show this weekend.

  8. Whoa!!!!!! I gasped too! I have got to make a road trip. Thank you, thank you for sharing this. This is VERY inspiring.


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