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It's all about the Bedroom

I love our bedroom...the great big pillowy soft bed; the feeling of slipping between crisp, clean sheets; snuggling under my down comforter on a cool evening; the sound and smell of the surf wafting through the window; the view of the flower garden out the window; the warmth of the sandy beige hue on the walls and most importantly...the overall feeling of comfort and safety that our bedroom provides.

In my opinion, the master bedroom is the most important room of the home. It is a room for escaping from the outside should provide a place to relax, recharge and connect with each other if in a relationship. Too often, we (women) put everyone before our needs and a great place to begin nurturing our self is by making a place where we can feel content.

Our Master bedroom has no headboard nor proper curtains, and the ugliest ceiling fixture BUT the feeling is still comfort. While we save up nickels and dimes for replacing and upgrading, I regularly flip through magazines and surf the Net for items which make me feel positive, comforted and safe. I read many years ago that one should never have anything in their home that reminds them of something negative. When we relocated to the beach I got rid of every negative card, gift, nick knack and piece of furniture which reminded me of people or things that brought up a bad reaction. Think about it...does your home and the items in it make you feel positive or negative?

So, back to flipping through magazines and such - - I've been collecting photos from various websites (Coastal Living, Good Housekeeping & Country Living) in order to provide me with ideas and inspiration. My goal is to finish our bedroom in an economical manner with items which bring only positive feelings and emotions. Here are some of my far!

Very monochromatic with touches of floral femininity.

The dramatic, and contrasting, wall backdrop and the hanging chandelier
 are my favorite things

Just the white sheers with sunlight streaming
throughout the room

Another great chandelier and I love the contrast
of dark furniture with the sandy colored walls

This reminds me of a tropical resort and retreat - it's wonderful!

A bit of wicker and botanical accents provide the
white a tropical feel, which is right up my alley!

The scrolls of the furniture are feminine and remind
 me of wandering vines in the garden. The chenille and/or
velvet pillows make me want to climb in and take a nap!

Another white room - light, airy & a piece of heaven.

The comforter looks soft,  fluffy & warm.
I like the idea of a padded headboard and the mauve rug, stool
& baskets add the perfect touch of ladylike charm. 

Windows with billowing white curtains and
 a crystal chandelier are at the top of my 'must' list

Totally love everything in this picture!
 Don't think my hubby would though - need to find
some ways to incorporate this feel though.

A wonderful blog, In My Own Style, had a lovely bedroom project which I was very inspired by.  The author takes you step by step through how to make the draped header.  Here are the before and after bedroom pics...


After Makeover - Isn't it fabulous?
I've definitely decided the simple white curtains are in order so I'll be ordering some white sheets in the near future for making my own.  I'm not the best seamstress; however I can sew a straight line so I think I can handle curtains! LOL!

What things do you love about your bedroom? or need/want to change?

Celebrating the Coastal Lifestyle


The Girl Creative 


  1. I love the look of the tropical white wicker bedroom! The transformation of In My Own Style is amazing - looks so comfortable and relaxing now.

  2. A combination of the two that have fireplaces along with the one of the dress form would be nice. Our room is tiny I mean as soon as your in the door your at the foot of the bed. It's white and navy. My favorite things is the down comforter with a white linen cover. Both were way over my budget at the time but well worth it for the calm they bring. I recently indulged in some Libeco Belgian linen...but haven't tried them.

    Thank you so much for your comments on my "give back" It was a post I struggled with the do I or don't I as well as writing once I decided yes.

  3. Diane@InMyOwnStyleJune 9, 2010 at 7:02 PM

    hi Sally Lee-

    :) is what I am doing right now! What a super nice compliment you have given me. It is so nice to hear that I inspired someone.
    I enjoyed your post and how you got rid of so much when you moved to the beach. I wish I could say I moved to the beach, but a few years ago, I just stopped buying as I refer to them now as " little junk" that clutters up my spaces - both my visual space and that in my head and got rid of everything that I didn't love or made me feel good. It was a freeing feeling and I love my home so much more since doing so. I still have more to purge and will be working on that as well as wishing, praying, and hoping for a beach house.

    I am so glad I found you blog and look forward to reading all your posts.

  4. So many great inspirations! I like the idea of keeping only positive things around you. It makes perfect sense!

  5. So glad that you all found inspiration too - hope you all have a "beachy" week.


    Marie of Sally Lee by the Sea

  6. It's hard for me to pick a favorite ... there are many things I like in these photos!! I really like the brick wall...and the tropical feel...and the chandeliers... and the baskets. That makeover is amazing! Coastal Living is one of my most favorite magazines!! There used to be one called Cottage Living, but they don't publish it anymore. I do have some negative things...because I can't afford to replace them right you said, when we move....the things that our exes gave us...get tossed!

  7. Checking out your blog from New Friend Friday! Glad to know I'm not the only one with out proper curtains in our room, and we just recently got a head board for our bed! I love all the samples you have posted. Don't you just feel a sense of calm (relief) once the kids are in bed and you get to climb into bed and relax... Thanks for sharing.

  8. stopping by from Follow Me Friday!
    I am hoping to move to the coast soon and am obsessed with all things that have to do with coastal living.
    I'm your newest follower!

    I hate the color of my bedroom but we can't change it so until I move I'm stuck with it.

  9. Gorgeous bedroom makeovers! I'm preparing to start on my own bedroom makeover this weekend and this provides the perfect inspiration. Thanks for sharing, I'll be sure to follow your blog.

  10. I love my bedroom but I need to change the carpet to hardwood floors and I need to change my bedding I changed it and I don't like it:( so I wasted money. Thanks for inspiration!

  11. What beautiful inspiration these pictures are. I just love the contrast in the one with the dark furniture, loving the upholstered headboard in the first picture, and that amazing brick wall in the second. I would love to have that wall anywhere in my home. Thanks for following me, I'm now following you!
    Marianne :)


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