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Vintage Charm Graces Town of Ocean Park

Authentic seaside cottages are found throughout the small burg that we call home. We love our small town of Ocean Park; which was settled more than a century ago as a Christian revival center and was even a station on the Ilwaco Railway and Navigation Company.   The vintage charm of our seaside community comes from the many older residences that date back to the late 1800s. Much of the lumber to build these homes was barged over from the smaller villages on the east side of the bay. Evidently, other homes were built from shipwrecks and their cargoes that washed up on the beach.

From an old postcard - Postmark on the back shows
August 16, 1911, from Ocean Park, Washington.

One the oldest buildings in town is the Taylor Hotel, which was built in 1887. This wondrous building  housed tourists as well as shipwrecked sailors over the years. William Taylor came to the area in 1876 and before building the Hotel he drove the stage and later became the county sheriff and assessor. The old hotel now houses the delightful Adelaide's Cafe and Bookstore; which was named after Adelaide Taylor, William's wife. The inside and outside of the building has been completely remodeled with love and care to keep many of the same features and touches of the original building.

The Taylor Hotel building in 2000
The Oregon judge, L.B. Stearns, built The Pilot House in 1895. The homes simplistic architecture includes a broad porch and white railing, which is well suited for its beachfront site. The home possesses an excellent view of the beach.  I personally love the shaped shingles that create a lovely design on the home's exterior.

The Pilot House - Mg Rhoades© 2010

A hand painted sign graces the front of the home - Mg Rhoades© 2010

The Pilot House - Mg Rhoades© 2010

The beautiful George Johnson House features a variety of Indian artifacts, works by local artists as well as vintage accessories. A local carpenter and home builder, S.A. Matthews, built this Craftsman home in 1913 and it is charmingly nestled on a quiet street which is just a short walk to the ocean beach.  It is said that George and Mary Johnson mapped their "cottage" floor in the beach's sand. The cottage appeared smaller than they wanted when outlined in the sand, so they increased the dimensions and to their surprise, they ended up with much more than a cottage. Through the years it has been a well maintained home, regal and distinctive with its columned porch, and curved windows.  Today the home is a glorious Bed and Breakfast.

The George Johnson B & B - Ocean Park, Wa.
Besides the historical homes featured above, there are plenty of other charming cottage elements around fact there are so many that it was difficult to select only a few. All of the homes pictured below sit on a quiet and tranquil street; which sits across the street from the sandy dunes.

Classic shingle siding becomes whimsical when
 accompanied by bright blue trim - Mg Rhoades© 2010

A flowering rhododendron and flower pots of daisies brighten
this beach homes exterior - Mg Rhoades© 2010

Beautiful wood windows (from the home pictured above) are framed with wood shutters
 - the green trim looks lovely against the weathered grey shingle siding.  Mg Rhoades© 2010

This charming bungalow comes complete with picket fence and porch
 for enjoying the sea breeze. - Mg Rhoades© 2010

A seagull graces this carved house sign

The DuBois House - 1912. The red of the roof really pops against the
 dark green exterior. Mg Rhoades© 2010

Classic cottage signage - Mg Rhoades© 2010

This cottage's name says it all...Ocean View -  It comes complete with
 Adirondack chairs on the covered porch.  - Mg Rhoades© 2010 
If you're ever in the area you can take a nice walking tour of Ocean Park homes.  Download a tour map at

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  1. It's refreshing to see some of these older places have not been replaced by the modern condo and townhouse. Around here the person that opt's to restore is the rarity.

  2. Love the old places!!! I love old houses and places but people always seem to tear them down to build new:(
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I would definitely not mind living in one of these beautiful homes! Right by the beach sounds like perfection...

  4. This is one of my favorite kinds of posts, I love seeing the old places still looking beautiful and so well cared for. What I would give to live in one of those cottages at the beach!

    Now that I'm a bit more settled in, I need to do this with my new town. Saint Mary's is the second oldest town in the United States and while very small is full of a rich history.

  5. @shellbelle - I look forward to posts about Saint Mary's! We love our historic little seaside town.

  6. thanks for sharing and linking up!


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