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Let's Get Crafty!

One of the main things that I love about living a coastal lifestyle is the simplicity.  From the clothes we wear to the interior and external decor that graces our timbers - I guess it boils down to the unpretentiousness of it all. 

The majority of our interior has been repainted; however the exterior is in need of paint, shutters, new decking etc.; which I'll gladly share with you once we get going on it.  I've been collecting pieces of driftwood from the beach for the past year and a half in case I was ever inspired to make some signs or decorate with it.  I'm happy to report that inspiration finally hit me like a brick and I've spent the past few weekends working on several small projects that you'll be seeing here soon.

My first easy beach project is a 'Life's A Beach - Enjoy!' sign to hang over the patio door on our back deck. It looks great now, but will really 'pop' once we repaint the "cottage" in a soft yellow color. I selected a long and narrow piece of fence board which had charming rusty nails and lots of wear from traveling through the ocean for who knows how long.  The more weathered the board looks, the more I love it! I used a cheap paint brush with bristles going every which way to create an aged appearance...there is no right or wrong way to complete this so HAVE FUN!

Step 1 - Select your perfect board (or imperfect board)

Step 2 - Gather materials: sandpaper, cheap paint brush, acrylic paints or/ paint pens, palette or paper plate for paints, paper towels, exterior varnish, sawtooth hangers, hammer.

Step 3 - Lightly sand each side of your board to remove loose dirt and make a smooth area to paint.

Step 4 - Once you decide which side to paint on (and have smoothed it as in step 3) then it's time to paint.  Place a puddle of white paint onto your palette, using your paint brush - paint a soft white background across your looks more rustic if you don't paint all the way to the edges. Add enough coats until you have the background the way you like it.  I put my paint on very thinly and the background looks like a weathered blue gray color.

Step 5 - You have options for placing your saying on the board - You can free-hand the words with a pencil & then paint over (my technique); use stencils or use tracing paper.

Step 6 - Once your paint & saying is dry give the piece another light sanding.

Step 7 - Make sure there is no dust on the board and then use an exterior spray varnish to protect it from the elements.

Step 8 - Place sawtooth hangers on the back of sign and hang!

For more beachy craft ideas, visit our Coastal Crafts page.

Life's A Beach - Enjoy!


  1. Your sign looks nice with freehand lettering. We have some nice old wood here and so little time to paint it.

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  3. I've been letting a few old pieces of wood get weathered in my back yard for a couple of years so I could paint them too. This just might inspire me to actually get that project done! Thanks for the tips!

  4. Hi!
    Your sign looks very authentic.
    Love it!
    I don't know how you do it... freehand?
    Oh, my... One day, maybe I try it... :)


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