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Create your own Beach Memory Jars

What a lovely way to display memories of your beach adventures. I always end up with various shells, rocks, seaglass and sand from our trips! Do you ever vacation with friends or have them come to your beach house with you? These would make nice little mementos to give to your friends.

Simply collect or purchase smooth-sided clear jars and bottles then put your treasures inside from your beach trip. Add a custom touch to your jar by following directions below.
Version #1 - Label each glass container with rub-on transfers to spell out the name of the destination.

Beach Memory Jars - Better Homes & Gardens
After making sure your glass container is completely clean and dry, just cut around the transfers you like, then use the burnishing stick that comes in the package to carefully rub designs onto the vase (exactly as you would if you were rubbing them onto paper). 

Transfers are sold in almost any store that carries scrapbooking or other craft supplies as well as online...
Search for rub on transfer letters.

Add handwritten tags - Better Homes & Gardens
Version #2 - After filling your jar with treasures you simply tie a tag around the lid with a date and description of the trip to remember the great time you had. Add an even more nautical look by using jute for the tie.

I'm going to be working on my own versions of these and will share when I get some completed!

No matter which version you choose to make, get creative and use different sizes of text, different colors or add some rub-on graphics...the possibilities are endless. Don't forget the most important element - HAvE fUn!!

Life's A Beach - Enjoy!


  1. Oh! I like the tag idea - I am currently using my shell jars for bookends. Keep adding to them from our beach walks...

  2. I love the idea of the rub on letters, I have jars of shells all around the house and I know I have some rub on letters in one of these boxes I haven't unpacked yet…hmmmmm, thanks for idea.

  3. Lovely.(Great photos). We love collecting shells and pebbles.
    You may like my latest post filmed on the beach:

  4. Beautiful! I especially like the rub on transfers too.

  5. Love these...a simple idea but oh so effective!!!

  6. Thanks for all the great comments! They really are simple yet lovely!

  7. love it! At least a great way to display by beach walk finds!


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