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Coastal Living's Best Seafood Dives

Long live the laid-back shacks where the menus hang on the wall, the beers chill on ice, and the food comes piled high, deep-fried, slathered, breaded, buttered, and steamed.

Coastal Living scoured the coast—and filled their paper plates—to find the seaside dives with the tastiest dishes, from fried shrimp to fish-and-chips.

We always pop in to seafood dives—those super-casual places where mismatched chairs rule and the dress code is “whatever.” But the allure isn’t just the chill vibe. It’s also the cooks who know how to fry shrimp to golden perfection or assemble a fish sandwich that makes you lean back and close your eyes in bliss. We’ve featured our favorite dives, categorized by the dish they do best. Caution: This list may inspire an ultimate seafood lover’s road trip. Dive in!

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Illustrator Matt Caserta, Writer Steve Millburg - Coastal Living Magazine

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  1. You had me at "dives". Although I am a diver, my first "dives" were local joints, mom and pop restaurants...dives. Alway mouth watering food, excellent staff and great conversation. Just discovered your blog and am really enjoying it. Sea Witch


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