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Cannon Beach's Natural Beauty

Cannon Beach is a picturesque village by the sea and one of America’s top small art towns. Cannon Beach is home of Haystack Rock and is surrounded by natural grandeur, offering an indulgent splurge and abundant outdoor recreation.

Rising 235 feet above the shoreline, Haystack Rock is a natural treasure and one of Oregon's most recognizable landmarks.  This dramatic seashore monolith offers habitat for nesting seabirds including tufted puffins and at its base colorful tidepools are filled with fascinating creatures.

Oregon Coast towards Haystack Rock - Mg Rhoades©
Each spring, colorful tufted puffins, that have spent the last eight months floating and diving on open seas, return to Cannon Beach’s Haystack Rock to lay eggs and raise their chicks. On April 1, the first of the puffins began arriving on Haystack Rock said Nala Cardillo, coordinator of the Haystack Rock Awareness Program. The April 1 arrival is certainly appropriate for the birds sometimes referred to as sea clowns because of their white face, thick orange bill and yellow eyebrow tufts.. The puffins will be observable through spring and early summer.

A local resident, the Tufted Puffin
If the area's natural beauty isn't enough...why not head into town to witness some glassblowing or how about getting a spa treatment or visit the local museum, surf shop or Farmer's Market? 

Icefire Glassworks, Cannon Beach Oregon
Learn more about Cannon Beach at  Coast Explorer Magazine

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  1. Cannon Beach sounds like a grand place to visit...amazing scenery & lots to do if you are in the mood! Great photo!


  2. It would be quite a time to observe the puffins. I like their colors.

  3. Cannon beach is so awesome!!! Too bad I didn't have my digital camera yet when we visited.

  4. Sounds like a beautiful place... the Northwest coast is definitely a place I want to visit someday.


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