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Blossoms, Strawberries & Shells

As I sit here writing, the decks are covered in beautiful white...hail, that is! The large globs of ice have covered everything in site and if the calendar didn't say May, I would think that it was still December. Luckily, we were able to spend some time outside this weekend. We love outdoor living, dining and gardening and I personally can't wait until we can get part of the deck covered so that we can use the area more often.
As you can see our backyard was in full bloom this weekend. The pathway links the back deck to the garage. The lawn was looking like a jungle; however we did get even dry weather to get it mowed.
After taking some photos, I strolled through the yard with my handy-dandy galvanized pail. I collected some clippings from our old lilac tree as well as blossoms from the tree in the picture above (I still have no idea what kind of tree it is!)
The lilacs filled the family room and kitchen with a sweet aroma and their color "popped" against the cobalt blue of my favorite vase.
You know it's time to plant the strawberries when you're able to actually harvest from the transplant packaging! I picked two very large strawberries and used them in our smoothies on Saturday afternoon. Both were very sweet and much better than the strawberries from the produce section. The strawberry plants each have a nice cedar tub to live in now.
Hidden in the back of the garden shed was an old, rusty 3-tier vegetable hanging basket so I decided to fill it with a bunch of seashells. It now hangs on the deck and it provides a unique conversation piece as well as the perfect place to toss our collected shells into.  The rain washes the shells and the sun bleaches them nicely. I find the baskets to be very charming and practical!
I believe in accenting my outdoor areas just like my interior areas...with simple things that make me smile. 
One of my outdoor tables holds a favorite piece of driftwood which is adorned with a sand dollar. 
I've been collecting bunnies since I was nine years old and have them hidden here and there throughout our home and yard.  This bunny stands guards over some purple pansy blossoms on the back deck and always brings a smile to face.
...and the hail has once again returned.  It's looking like a nice fire in the woodstove and soup on the stove is on the agenda for this evening. Thanks for sharing in our weekend happenings.

Life's a Beach - Enjoy!


  1. Hail? Goodness that's a surprise. Hope your plants fare okay.

  2. Well it i pouring rain here today, but no hail thank goodness. I love your blooms and that bunny is sweet. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage.

  3. I really like your idea with the vegetable basket! What a great idea!

  4. What beautiful flowers..luv that basket! I'm also lovin' your "beachy" blog:)


  5. Very nice Marie a beautiful backyard. Heidi loves bunnies too, she actually owned two of them when we first met.




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