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Celebrate Earth Day at Caron's Beach House

Caron's Beach House is all about coastal living and offering distinctive coastal and nautical home decorating solutions for our friends and customers who enjoy life on the beach; beachcombing, entertaining friends, sharing stories, toes in the sand, watching sunsets and storms.
The owner of Caron's Beach House is a wonderful woman who is genuinely concerned about giving back to society.  Caron is an example to others and her business has made a commitment to support various charitable organizations.  This committment is a very significant part of her company's mission statement.  Giving back to communities, protecting the environment and supporting important humanitarian efforts for education, health care and well being are a daily part of Caron's business. We are so inspired by Caron's mission that we felt the need to share her business with you today, the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day.
Earth Day Featured Product - The Neptune Botanical Shell Candle
10% goes to the Ocean Preservation Society

This candle is a gorgeous accent for any room in your beach house! The seashore candle is filled with assorted non-threatened seashells, sand dollars, and tiny starfish. Long lasting and can burn up to 85 hours, the warm glow from the Neptune candle will fill your beach cottage with the beach memory inducing scent of salt mist...fresh cut cedar and eucalyptus. A special hand-crafted technique reveals the sea life encased in the creamy vanilla-colored wax, and gives each candle a unique look and texture.  Shop Now
Caron's Beach House is very proud to feature the Neptune candle for your coastal home - our manufacturer has donated 10% of the proceeds to The Oceanic Preservation Society. The Oceanic Preservation Society is committed to education about saving our seas, for more information please check out
Earth Day Featured Product - Irridescent Sea Green Starfish Accent
Caron's will donate 25% to

Look how the sea green color is so light reflective! 7" diameter x 1.5" thick hand made glass. Another great home accent or gift for the beachcombers in your life! Enjoy the beach every day of the year. Shop Now

Caron, we thank you for your contributions to society and the environment...we are honored to be acquainted with you and your fabulous business.

Visit Caron today for an inspiring collection of Coastal Lifestyle gifts and decor.  Life's a Beach - enjoy!


  1. Beautiful pictures, you have got some very attractive products to sell there, Marie to make the candles prettier.

  2. Wow! Am overwhelmed with your generosity! You are a terrific friend and I cannot thank you enough.


  3. Happy Friday!

    @matthias - thanks for stopping by to visit! Have a great weekend my friend.

    @beachcombing - you're very welcome! Love your store and you!

    @simpledaisy - so great to meet you! I just LuV your blog and have grab your button to place on my blog, following you through Google connect and fanned your FB page - looking forward to getting to know you better (and your jewelry, photos etc are fabulous!)


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