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Sometimes when you're a blogger the words just don't come. It's definitely been one of those weeks. I stumbled upon this video; which has absolutely nothing to do with my business, cottages or beaches but I felt the need to share its it features some great music! I hope you are having a productive week which is filled with love, joy and peace. Enjoy.



  1. Thanks Sweetie a nice little video on Karma. Sorry you're having issues writing...I wish you well with it.



  2. Wonderful and true! Spread positive and you will in turn receive positive. One of my favorite quotes:

    "Do all the good you can,
    By all the means you can,
    In all the ways you can,
    In all the places you can,
    At all the times you can,
    To all the people you can,
    As long as ever you can." - John Wesley

  3. @sandbox - thank you for the lovely qoute - I am keeping it for future reference.

    @bill - thanks for visiting and wishing me well. Distraction with the outside world is probably the main cause of writer's block - it will come back when the time is right.


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