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The Everlasting Importance of Flowers & Home

Many believe that the first beauty created in this world was the flower, a creation that asks for nothing and gives only pleasure to all human senses. It is used as decoration, for scent, as food, as a medicinal cure, as a gift - there are no limits to the blessed qualities of this heavenly creation. Some of the latest research shows that flowers have consciences developed on a level that the human brain cannot yet grasp. As early wise men discovered, flowers can teach people so many things.

Every interior and exterior designer remembers to include flowers, plants or trees while redecorating a new home or garden. Plants bring joy to life on so many levels. Not a single event in people's lives can be imagined without these natural wonders. Trying to describe beauty, people have always compared it to a flower - a beautiful woman is a being that ascends to heavenly skies from where flowers originated.

It is also used as a form of communication: white flowers express purity, yellow speaks of jealousy, red screams love and pink brings honesty. Flower arranging has developed into an art that celebrates their beauty, and the famous Japanese art of 'ikebana' is considered as an ideal pastime to stimulate creativity and relaxation. Throughout the centuries every variety of flower has been given a meaning according its characteristics. For example: mimosa is for friendship, camellia for happiness, pink carnations are for remembrance, red carnations are for an aching heart, ferns represent enchantment, orchids represent sophistication, roses are for love, ivy is for fidelity, hibiscus is for gracious beauty, palms are for victory, wall-flowers are for eternal beauty and the water lily represents elegance.

Flowers are silent companions who often go unnoticed despite their magnificence. Additionally, flowers are therapeutic and are sometimes used as a supplement in food, in the form of spices or leaves. People are not completely aware of the effect that the local environment can have on flowers. They react to grief or loss and are known to react to the presence of other people in their immediate environment. Flowers communicate with each other and adore music and conversation about them.

Having these kinds of friends can only bring more joy into one's life. Moreover, one should have at least a few flowers in the house and treat them as fellow creatures. The energy benefits of adding flowers to your environment are unbelievable.

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  1. your flower photos are a joy to behold. Each and every one of them. enjoyed your blog very much.

  2. Thanks for the lovely compliment - so glad you enjoyed the blog.


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