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Happy 101 Blog Award

Thank you to my dear friend, Bill Bruner, of Journey to Joy who passed on the Happy 101 blog award to me.

Rules: Copy the award image in your post. Then, list 10 things that make you happy and tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day. For those 10 bloggers who get the award, you must link back to my blog. Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award and notify the award receivers and put their links in your post.

My husband - My best friend and husband of 26 years. We have grown together over the years and supported each other during life's up and downs. I'm thankful every day for the love, laughs and friendship that he brings to my life.

My daughter - A truly independent and strong young woman who I look up to. She is confident, beautiful and following her dream without fear. She's my hero and a wonderful friend.

Living at the Beach - I have been blessed with the opportunity to live my life next to the glorious and ever changing Pacific ocean. It is a relaxing place which keeps me humble.

Animals - My three little doggie girls; Mini, Daisy and Ice provide my life with love, enjoyment, silliness and warmth. I've had animals in my life since I was a little girl. Rabbits, cows, goats, pigs, chickens, dogs and cats...oh my! They each have a personality and have brought much happiness to my 44 years.

Cooking - I love to prepare good old fashioned comfort fills me with love and happiness to feed others.

Love - Since learning to love myself I have found peace within my heart and this love assists me in loving and supporting others.

Friends - Friends have come and gone over the years; but I cherish every friendship for what I learn, the time we had together, the laughter and tears as well as the joy they have brought me.

Internet: The Internet has opened up numerous doors to people that I would have never met otherwise. They've provided me love, support and feedback for which I'm truly grateful.

Creativity: I was blessed with artistic talent. From oil painting and handcrafts to photography and interior design - I feel alive when I'm creating.

Gardening: Digging in the earth and getting dirt under my nails illuminates me with happiness. Watching the plants change with the seasons provide me great internal joy. "You cannot feel closer to God as when you're in the garden."

Laughter: I love to make people laugh! I feel that laughter is the best medicine and it has gotten me through grief, fear and stressful situations.

These 10 blogs provide me joy, inspiration, happiness and laughter (not listed in any particular order):
I've been reading Bill's posts since he first began writing his blog. He has assisted me in furthering my goals as well as providing me motivation and wisdom during life's trying times. He is a forever friend that I greatly cherish.

Words that describe the author, Chip Etier...talented, devoted, helpful and friendly.
Stay at home mom of two getting back in touch with her crafty side. She is talented and loves dogs, humor, beads and musing about life in general. I often get a laugh or giggle from reading her posts!
Inspires readers to embrace their homes with their heart and all of the passion that it holds
Domestic Dish for the Modern Homemaker
A good designer helps you determine your style...not dictate theirs to you.
Cooking has never looked so good - Cynthia clearly shows step-by-step how she prepares wonderful recipes.
Edgy blog by satirist and short-story writer Lauren Salkin

Coffee With Marty
I'm constantly amazed how wise and wonderful this young man is. He touches the heart with his writing.

Dawn writes as though she has read my thoughts and feelings as she stirs up emotions deep within.


  1. Thank you my friend I appreciate the kind words about my blog & me. I look forward to a long & lasting friendship with you & am always thrilled that you are apart of my life. What you've done with your life & business should be an inspiration to all.

    Hugs & much love,


  2. Thank you so much. You made my day. I am honored to receive the Happy 101 Blog Award and will pass it on. Really appreciate all the nice things you said about my blog.

  3. Thanks Marie for such kind words! I appreciate the Happy 101 Blog Award and will pass it on as well. I so enjoy visiting your blogs too and I must tell you-- I love the design of all of them!! Not to mention the wonderful information you share. You are sweet. Thanks again. -Kim

  4. Thank you SO much for thinking about me and congratulations to you for your award!

    You are a sweetheart!


  5. Oh my word, Marie, your words about my blog gave me chills and made me tear up! Thank you, my friend, for this nod of recognition. I love your work equally - you make a difference in the world, and you are so very deserving of this Happy 101 Award!

    ~ Dawn

  6. Sorry for delay in responding to all of you. You are all greatly appreciated and add value to my life so THANK YOU!

    Have a fabulous weekend.


  7. Sally,

    I owe you an apology. I'm posting the Happy 101 Award tomorrow. Really sorry for the delay. Honestly, during January and most of February, it would have been difficult to think of 10 things (funny or not) that would have made me happy. I'll do my best to come up with a list of 10 tomorrow.


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